Rocky…. Shabery is just a “green horn”

16 07 2008

Bro Rocky,


this time sorry can’t agree with you on this “Shabery did quite well, I thought


Well if there was a by-election between Anwar and Shabery  today, AI is most likely to win 75-25.




  1. By the end of the debate, it was fairly clear that “green horn” cheek was meant to be “cannon-fodder”against an ex deputy PM and veteran debater,


  1. AI never fell into the trap of personal attacks,


  1. Overall AI came across as more in control of the minyak issue in relation to Malaysians with little concern about so-called external factors.


  1. Shabery references to TDM and AI’s 70s  past did not really contribute to the minyak debate at hand except to futher “bury”  Shabery


  1. Is it me or does AI simply look better visually on tv than Shabery?


  1. And where indeed did the RM 6 billion(?) from petronas will end up?




Will a car run on water?

14 06 2008

Have a nice week end friends. Do enjoy this… 😉

Blogging a growing craze among politicians

6 06 2008

By Anthony Joseph

It is no wonder blogs had significant impact in the last elections: Lee

MIRI: Blogging has becoming a craze among politicians in this country since the last general elections, for it has been found that it could make or break their election results. Read the rest of this entry »

Will it happen again????

9 05 2008

Shukur Alhamdullilah…. Yesterday was a triple bonus day for me.


Firstly, for making an entry in Clemfour about Miri International Jazz festival (MIJF), I got complimentary tickets for the Miri MIJF which is taking place today and tomorrow (from 5.00pm until 1.00am) at Parkcity Everly Hotel. Gracie Geikie, thanks for the tickets.


After collecting the tickets, received a mysterious phone call from KL. It was from a Nokia distributer asking me where they could send the Nokia 6120 c/w BH-100 Bluetooth Handset. My DiGi account was one of the Bonus Points Winners. Wooooooo! thanks DiGi.


Last but not the least, Mrs. Anon from Miri received a very positive feedback regarding the recent talk and training about cross-culture communication with one of the multi-national company in Oil and Gas in KL. The top management and the participants were very please with the session and they want her to conduct another session again in JB with another group of staff.


I’m going to enjoy the MIJF tomorrow and my son will be going today.



Groovy Online offers to watch jazz festival

26 04 2008

Offer represents about 80 per cent discount from normal fare

KUCHING: MASwings is offering ‘Groovy Online Offers’, a one-way ticket from Bintulu, Sibu, Kota Kinabalu or Labuan to Miri at RM39 each in conjunction with the Miri International Jazz Festival on May 9-10. Read the rest of this entry »

Learn from S’wak: Keng Yaik

18 04 2008

“There is a lot that we (West Malaysians) can learn from Sarawak on how to manage politics and resources…how to bring about a fair and just perception to the rakyat who come from various backgrounds in a state,” said Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik, the advisor of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan).

Click image for more


Miri International Jazz Festival…3,000 tickets had been sold.

13 04 2008

“Other states have tried it and were not successful. Miri seems to have the atmosphere for it as we have got a very international population and our closeness to Brunei and Sabah which also have very international population,” Dr Chan said.

More here