Salam Aidilfitri

9 09 2010


Life is getting tougher …

16 05 2010

When you used to have someone who understands how you feel, you don’t like being left alone. So it’s time for me to move forward and man enough to forgive. After all there’s a saying

“If you love something,

set it free,

if it’s yours it will come back to you,

if not it never was”.


Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung, Salahkan Bapa Yang Menyorong….

8 05 2010

Ya Allah,

isteri ku adalah seorang ibu yang cantik, kuat, sabar dan saya menyayanginya. Kau tingkatkanlah kehidupan nya dengan rezeki yang berkat, kau rahmatilah setiap langkahnya dalam mencari rezeki keluarga.

Kau bersihkanlah hatinya.. kau kuatkanlah imannya… kau peliharakanlah dia dari fitnah .

Amin Ya Rabbilalamin..


TV3 oh TV3….

4 04 2009

Well TV3 plzzzzzzzz get the name right… It’s not Batang Air. The name is Batang Ai. So no more letter “R”.

Will a car run on water?

14 06 2008

Have a nice week end friends. Do enjoy this… 😉

More arrests for pre-poll fights????

5 03 2008

M’sia arrests 16 for pre-poll fights

Election fever: People walking past a bus stop decorated with election posters and banner by the ruling Barisan Nasional (National Front) party in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Malaysia will go to the polls on Saturday.Picture: Reuters
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
MALAYSIAN police said yesterday they had arrested 16 people for fighting and sending out racially-charged phone messages during campaigning for national elections this weekend.A spate of text messages have been circulating urging ethnic Chinese and Indians to vote out Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Malay-dominated coalition government, which has ruled since 1957.

And the government was yesterday forced to deny one SMS message which said the coalition would deploy motorbike hooligans known as “mat rempit” to stir up trouble on election day.

Deputy Information Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the message falsely claimed the mat rempit would harass voters and vandalise public property while wearing the opposition’s emblems.

Deputy police chief Ismail Omar said the 16 had been arrested in the past nine days, but would not say where the fights took place, name the individuals involved, nor reveal the contents of the texts. He added that they had been released on police bail.

“These people were involved in fighting and sending out all kinds of (phone text messages), some of which affect racial sentiments,” he said.

“When they do something that is damaging to the peace and security, it is our duty to act and if there is evidence, we can charge them under the Sedition Act,” he said.

“We have also received complaints about these messages from the public and we will investigate these persons and the matter thoroughly.

“We are keeping a close watch on them and have told them not to cause any trouble which can affect the elections.”

Electioneering in Malaysia is usually peaceful although a spate of protests by ethnic minorities and unhappiness over rising inflation and expected fuel hikes have driven many to the streets over the past few months.

Meanwhile Malaysia’s election commission dropped a plan yesterday to introduce indelible ink in Saturday’s general election, fuelling further opposition anger and raising fears of electoral cheating.

The panel had planned to use the ink – to be daubed on a voter’s finger to ensure he or she could not attempt to cast a second ballot – for the first time in the poll to help meet an opposition demand to combat electoral fraud.

Monday blues…

28 01 2008
Printed from : The news portal of North India
The news portal of North India

Sunday is ‘the most sleepless night of the week’
Monday, January 21, 2008
London, Jan 21 (ANI): Feeling listless and sleepy on Monday? Well, the condition might be explained by the fact that Sunday happens to be the most sleepless night of the week.

The finding is based on a poll of 3,500 adults, commissioned by the hotel chain Travelodge, which found that nearly 60 per cent of workers sleep the worst on a Sunday.A bad night’s sleep certainly does have its repercussions, with one in four calling in sick at the start of the week, 46 percent being unable to concentrate at work, 30 percent showing an irritability towards their bosses and 20 percent dozing off at the desk.

And if Sunday is the day when you get your worst night’s sleep, then Friday is the best, with eight in 10 people getting enough of time snoozing, reports the Telegraph.16 million adults in the UK say that they suffer regularly from insomnia, with the majority blaming work related concerns for keeping them awake.

All that worry causes Brits to lose an average of 51 minutes of sleep each night. A figure that totals to a month’s worth of sleep every year. (ANI)


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