Life is getting tougher …

16 05 2010

When you used to have someone who understands how you feel, you don’t like being left alone. So it’s time for me to move forward and man enough to forgive. After all there’s a saying

“If you love something,

set it free,

if it’s yours it will come back to you,

if not it never was”.



Streamyx…oh streamyx

20 11 2008

DANG!!!!!!!!!!! The whole day my streamyx connection is down. Luckily I still have my 3G broadband connection still active. But speed still slow

Hope it will be up soon.

Rocky…. Shabery is just a “green horn”

16 07 2008

Bro Rocky,


this time sorry can’t agree with you on this “Shabery did quite well, I thought


Well if there was a by-election between Anwar and Shabery  today, AI is most likely to win 75-25.




  1. By the end of the debate, it was fairly clear that “green horn” cheek was meant to be “cannon-fodder”against an ex deputy PM and veteran debater,


  1. AI never fell into the trap of personal attacks,


  1. Overall AI came across as more in control of the minyak issue in relation to Malaysians with little concern about so-called external factors.


  1. Shabery references to TDM and AI’s 70s  past did not really contribute to the minyak debate at hand except to futher “bury”  Shabery


  1. Is it me or does AI simply look better visually on tv than Shabery?


  1. And where indeed did the RM 6 billion(?) from petronas will end up?



Will it happen again????

9 05 2008

Shukur Alhamdullilah…. Yesterday was a triple bonus day for me.


Firstly, for making an entry in Clemfour about Miri International Jazz festival (MIJF), I got complimentary tickets for the Miri MIJF which is taking place today and tomorrow (from 5.00pm until 1.00am) at Parkcity Everly Hotel. Gracie Geikie, thanks for the tickets.


After collecting the tickets, received a mysterious phone call from KL. It was from a Nokia distributer asking me where they could send the Nokia 6120 c/w BH-100 Bluetooth Handset. My DiGi account was one of the Bonus Points Winners. Wooooooo! thanks DiGi.


Last but not the least, Mrs. Anon from Miri received a very positive feedback regarding the recent talk and training about cross-culture communication with one of the multi-national company in Oil and Gas in KL. The top management and the participants were very please with the session and they want her to conduct another session again in JB with another group of staff.


I’m going to enjoy the MIJF tomorrow and my son will be going today.



Crossing the South China Sea

2 04 2008

The last time I was with my brothers and sisters bloger was April 5th 2007. I should had make it yesterday, what a great lost (see here). Any way who cares, I’m still going to cross the South China Sea today to have another round with my friends there.


Abdullah in new showdown as royals flex political muscle

25 03 2008
Published on The Brunei Times (
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was locked in a showdown yesterday with the country’s largely ceremonial king over who will lead the oil-rich northeastern state of Terengganu.

Malaysia’s royalty is posing its biggest challenge to the government since the powers of the hereditary rulers were clipped 25 years ago, and comes when Abdullah’s authority has been wounded following elections that handed unprecedented gains to the opposition

The confrontation goes beyond the division of powers between figurehead rulers and the elected government and is also about the cosy relationships between business and politics in Malaysia, analysts say.

“This is not just politics,” said political analyst Rustam Sani. “I think financial interests have to do with it. They (the sultans) are not happy since the politicians are having a free hand in business.”

Some of the nine royal families are involved in business.

Malaysia has nine sultans who take turns ruling for five years as king. Their mostly ceremonial duties include appointing the chief ministers of their states. The current king is the 46-year-old Terengganu ruler, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Other rulers have also begun to speak out on issues of governance. The Sultan of Selangor state last year reprimanded a town councillor for building a house without required permits. The rulers, whose powers were sharply curtailed in 1983 by then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, are seeking to reclaim a stake in politics along with a resurgent opposition in a more robust parliament.

In the watershed election, Abdullah’s National Front coalition was ousted in five of Malaysia’s 13 states and lost the two-thirds majority in parliament it had held for nearly four decades at the elections.

The coalition retained power in Terengganu, but the sultan there refused to swear in incumbent chief minister Idris Jusoh, whom Abdullah said had the support of the majority of the state’s assemblymen.

On Sunday, the palace appointed its own candidate, only to be snubbed by the prime minister, who said that appointing anyone but Idris was unconstitutional.

Malaysia’s law minister was quoted as saying yesterday that everyone, including the monarch, should respect the law.

“The discretion of the monarch in appointing the chief minister is not an absolute personal discretion,” Zaid Ibrahim told the New Straits Times.

Analysts said there were other reasons why Idris fell out of favour with the sultan, including allegations he had been disrespectful to the ruler and his family.

The sultans have reasserted themselves in other states, too. In the state of Perlis, the sultan overruled Abdullah’s nominee for chief minister and appointed his own candidate.

The sultans are meant to represent Malay Muslim sovereignty and at one time were a powerful counterweight to the elected government. But in amendments to the constitution in 1983, the king’s veto power was abolished and the monarch could no longer block bills in parliament.

Another amendment in 1993 took away the immunity from prosecution the nine sultans once enjoyed.

“After a decline of power and influence between 1983 and 1994, the spirals of history are in motion again,” said constitution expert Shad Saleem Faruqi. “The last few years have seen a discernible upsurge in popular perception that the rulers constitute a vital check and balance mechanism of the constitution,” he said. Reuters

Zorro, I wish you are still a teacher.

2 02 2008

Student abuse incident. On Jan 28, more than 100 Form 1 to 3 boys of the rural school claimed they had been severely punished by their disciplinary teacher-cum-warden for making too much noise in their hostel, which disturbed others.”

I bet this never happen when bro zorro was a teacher. So sad.

For more read here