Miri International Jazz Festival…3,000 tickets had been sold.

13 04 2008

“Other states have tried it and were not successful. Miri seems to have the atmosphere for it as we have got a very international population and our closeness to Brunei and Sabah which also have very international population,” Dr Chan said.

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13 04 2008

Salam bro,

That looks like something nice. Only one q: what about the locals – how do they take to it since this is skewed more towards tourists?

13 04 2008

Salam Bro:

Yes Miri Jazzfest had been successful for years Penang held one last year but apparently the crowd was small.

Miri had the advantage coz those from Brunei,Phillipines ,Indonesia and Spore can go there.

13 04 2008

Wow. Nora, this one I wish to cover for All-Blogs!

14 04 2008

Whoa Nora, these folks read your blog! Thank you Gracie, that’s very kind of you. There are, er, about 60 of us. Including spouse, er … 132 (some of us are PAS and Umno members, so can marry more than one). Plus kids … I’ll get back to you! :-}

14 04 2008
20 Cent

Every year I tell myself I’d go, and every year I never seem to be able to make it!


Okay, next year, I’ll definitely make it to the festival…er…maybe…

17 04 2008

Pakatan Rakyat offer to Partners under PKR

The declaration promises packages including more autonomy, 20 per cent oil royalty, a second deputy premiership for Sabah and Sarawak, six to seven cabinet Ministers, the return of Labuan, more ambassadorial posts ranging 15 each for Sabah and Sarawak and the scrapping of State Federal Development Department (JPPS).

19 04 2008

i won’t be able to attend. it’s such a shame cox i attended the previous two edition and LOVE it.

nora, do blog abt it.

my take for the event last yr here
1st day : http://atanck.blogspot.com/2007/05/2nd-miri-jazz-international-jazz.html
2nd day : http://atanck.blogspot.com/2007/05/2nd-miri-international-jazz-festival_25.html

9 05 2008
Will it happen again???? « Clemfour

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