All Blogs happy birthday

5 04 2008

Today AllBlogs is one year old. And here is what some of us do today in Kuala Lumpur.. Tok Asid and Capt. Yusof said hopefully next year we might do it in Miri…. Click to enlarge picture


 Update: more entry here


Talk Only – Knights of the Asam Pedas


Write Away – Letter to Phantom II

Life As I See It – Blogger’s Lunch Meet

in passing – malaysian – When Blogger meet…

Tok Asid – Sila oh sila……

Rocky’s Bru – All Blogs, the 1st year




17 responses

6 04 2008
malaccan view

Cheers…good to know BUM is already 1 year old..keep up,babe.

6 04 2008

Looking at the photos, can tell everyone having a goodtime. Cheers, you all deserve this… keep those blogs going, you are getting somewhere and reaching the masses. We are listening over here. Hurray!

6 04 2008
Linken Lim

Happy birthday BUM !

Cheers !

6 04 2008
Pak Idrus

Hi there, Thanks for that great images. Have a nice day.

6 04 2008

Happy Birthday BUM. Cheerio

6 04 2008

Happy Birthday BUM. Thanks for the pics.

7 04 2008

Happyy Birthday and Good Luck !
I give my moral support to you BUM

7 04 2008

I thought they say bloggers are mostly the younger generation. Only All Blog is 1 year old, but the bloggers are Pak Cik and Mak Cik. haha.. Happy Birthday AB !

7 04 2008

Nice pics!

You WILL be back in June!

Hope you had a good time too!

Happy Birthday All Blogs!

7 04 2008

Happy birthday…just wondering any pakcik,makcik,uncle & aunty blogger in Sarawak.
By looking at the nice if I can join the community .I guess most are from Semananjung.What about from Sarawak please? where are you Bro….

7 04 2008

happy birthday to all blogs. keep on blogging guys.

7 04 2008

Hey bro,

Glad to see you put up more pics here – you’re welcome to take what’s on at my place.

Bro, it was fun then, but it was great to have met you 🙂

8 04 2008
20 Cent


Glad to meet everyone, especially you! Hope to see you again! Maybe we’ll come over, or maybe you’ll come down again soon, but either way, it was fun! Finally I got to meeting Anon from Miri, Clemfour himself!

8 04 2008

Salam Bro Nora;

When Matsalo sms-ed friday that you will be there I felt so lucky for I will be able to met you in person. And JT too.

And when you and Mrs Anon arrived jadik meremang bulu roma…rasa suka.

InsyaALLAH we will meet again.
Nice knowing you.

8 04 2008

The time was too short last Saturday, wayyyyyy too short. Wished it be longer. Sigh

9 04 2008

salam bro…

Echoing the rest, it’s an honour to meet you in person that day and indeed it was really a short moment in time…yet I freeze it and stock it in my memory album…

Hope we’ll meet again.

Take care.

23 08 2011
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