Will Raja Petra be RM2 million poorer?

26 03 2008

Raja Petra ordered to pay RM2 million libel damages to UUM VC

26 March, 2008

The High Court here has ordered Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin to pay RM2 million to Universiti Utara Malaysia vice-chancellor Tan Sri Dr Nordin Kardi in general damages over a libellous article he posted on his website ‘Malaysia Today’ two years ago. In the landmark case against a blogger, Deputy High Court Registrar Priscilla Gengadaran also ordered Raja Petra to pay RM2 million, also in general damages, to the university over the article which appeared in his website on Dec 16, 2006. Nordin, the first plaintiff and UUM, the second plaintiff, filed the suit against Raja Petra, the first defendant and three others – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (second defendant), chief editor of the opposition party’s organ, Suara Keadilan (third defendant) and editor of the bulletin (fourth defendant) – on Feb 25 last year.

In his statement of claim against the four, Nordin and UUM had claimed that Raja Petra and the three defendants had published the libellous article against him and the university with the intention to tarnish his and UUM’s good name and integrity.

The article, ‘Dato’ Dr Nordin Kardi Ciplak Karya Saya? Mohon Penjelasan…(Dato’ Dr Nordin Kardi plagiarises my works? Please Explain..) was first published in Raja Petra’s website, ‘Malaysia Today’, on Dec 16, 2006.

The article, authored by one Muhtar Suhaili, had claimed his works, ‘Mahasiswa dan Tanggujawab Menguruskan Kejayaan (Graduands and the Responsibility in Managing Success) was plagiarised by a person which had used the name Dato’ Nordin Kardi.

As it turned out, Raja Petra had picked up the article which was posted on a website, http://muhtarsuhaili.tripod.com The article was subsequently published in ‘Suara Keadilan’ on Dec 27, 2006.

In her judgement, Priscilla also ordered the Raja Petra to pay RM2 million to UUM. She also ordered the chief editor and editor of ‘Suara Keadilan’, to each pay Nordin RM1 million for publishing the article. She also ordered the third and fourth defendants to each pay UUM RM500,000 over the article.

Priscilla issued her judgment after Raja Petra, the third and fourth defendants did not defend themselves and had also failed to appoint counsel over the defamation suit. Nordin and UUM were represented by Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz.

Priscilla, however, has yet to fix a trial date for PKR, which was represented by R. Sivarasa.

Meanwhile, Nordin described the judgment as a landmark decision against cyber misconduct. “I hope others who might have been defamed by cyber misconduct would consider legal action against the wrongdoers. I also hope the High court decision would serve as a deterent against any attempt to invade the integrity of an individual or an institution,” he said.

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8 responses

26 03 2008
Haji Malek

Don’t pay a single sen.

This VC is a former BTN (a Malay supremacy dept) boss who has no place in an institution of higher learning – it is an insult to the intellect of Malay intellectuals, if there’s any left.

26 03 2008

This Nordin Kardi once headed BTN program for the government officers including teachers like me. During the course we were told that our enemy is the chinese that never stop robbing the Malays and everyday we were ordered to sing a song that instill this feeling of hatred towards the chinese.Such is a man Nordin Kardi is.

No, no..he is not an academician. He is a fool that plays racial card everyday of his life! Disgusting!!

27 03 2008
Sven Olsen

Nordin Kardi an intellectual? OK, lets search for Kardi or Nordin in Google Scholar, see if we can find any of his intellectual works

27 03 2008

I still remember during BTN course this idiot Nordin Kardi always insult non Malay. Bullsihit. I am Malay but no way i will insult rakyat Malaysia.

27 03 2008

Kalo Nordin intellectual, Madonna masih bungas lah!

Nordin tok, nya bos “Menara Gasing”. Pak polahnya, main gasing jak!

Barua besar!

RM2.0m ? 2 sen RPK sik mayar. Tanggar kelak!!!

27 03 2008

poorah!!!! don’t claim yourself as an intellectual. awak tali barut umno/bn yang sering memutarbelitkan fakta sejarah negara dan menghidupkan api perkauman semasa ceramah BTN. mengapa kakitangan awam Melayu/Bumiputera saja dipaksa untuk mengikuti kursus BTN? Nordin adalah pelingkup keharmonian kaum/etnik Malaysia. makkal sakthi.

27 03 2008

From whatever little and bias information I got from the mainstream media, the only conclusion I form myself is that the summons & soc was not properly served kot on the Defendants. Could be anything since the decision was not based on merits – merely on technicalities. Hah!

27 03 2008

I wouldn’t be too worried if I was RPK. The judge made a fundamental mistake in her judgment. It is textbook law that for a judgment in default of a cause of action like defamation, you can only enter a judgment for damages to be assessed. You cannot enter a fixed sum in damages for judgment in default of appearance for a cause of action like defamation.

Any rookie first year lawyer knows that. It just goes to show how low the standard of the judiciary is. Priscilla Gengadaran should resign and go back to law school.

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