RM50 or RM100 for a vote?????

7 03 2008

SUPP will never resort to buying votes: Dr Chan

Posted By rajlira On 7th March 2008 @ 00:01 In Local

MIRI: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) will never resort to dirty tactics, like buying votes, to win an election, assured its president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan.

Dr Chan, fuming over rumours that the party was resorting to buying votes in the election, assured that SUPP would never stoop so low to win in that manner.

“I’ve heard some very disturbing news…that somebody is ringing around sort of saying about vote buying and all sorts of things happening here in Miri. The rumours even say the people only have to bring their ICs to the party and they can get RM50 or RM100.

“It will never happen in Miri,” Dr Chan told reporters after meeting members of Miri Taxi Association here yesterday.

He assured that SUPP would never resort to such ‘dirty tactics’.

“I don’t know who spread the rumours and bad thing like this in Miri. I hope we can catch those responsible for starting such rumours because we work very hard here in Miri,” he said.

Dr Chan said the party wanted the people to support their candidates or party because of their performance or services to the people.

SUPP never used dirty tricks to win an election, he assured.

“It is something very shameful if the party is to use such tactics,” he added. He called on the people with information on those spreading the rumours to come forward to help the party in its investigations.

The party after receiving numerous calls from the public on the matter had lodged a police report.

Dr Chan believed that the rumours were just to confuse and cause the people to vent their anger at the party if they could not get what they want from it.

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8 03 2008

Hahaha…don’t lie lar Chan. We know your good friend Ting Pek Khing has been providing lots of funding to SUPP. Even DAP members went to collect the angpau at the kopitiam lar. If anyone dare to step forward, you will send the gangsters to threaten them right?

8 03 2008

I am bloody damn angry now!! Just got information that DAP Ceramah in Miri, Sarawak today was disturbed by gangsters. The ceramah was held at a cross-junction and suddenly 10 cars came driving around revving up their engines, driving very fast and frightening the people. They came close to hitting people a few times.

Things got out of hand when the ceramah crowd got fed up with the gangsters tactic and started throwing rocks at them. The gangsters then came out and started to pick a fight with the crowd. Pushing and shoving, but luckily didn’t go beyond that. The DAP people tried calling the Miri Police Station but nobody picked up the damn bloody phone! Finally they had to call 999 and Bukit Aman, then only was police cars sent to the scene. They took down the gangsters car plate numbers and say they will investigate..but no one is pinning their hopes on that. It will be another kes tutup!

Damn angry..people could have been hurt! Is this the tactic of SUPP, so desperate and low character. Well, SUPP go and suck shit you party of tycoons and gangsters! Chinese of Sarawak, send the toilet soup to the rubbish bin..vote DAP!

Last night also, got people called DAP and said that the gang bosses in Miri have instructed their lakias to vote for Barisan Nasional and to disturb the DAP. Well, they must be doing something right to spook the low-life triad gangsters.

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