Stay away from polls, police warn gangsters

22 02 2008

Posted By rajlira On 22nd February 2008 @ 00:01 In Local

SIBU: Stay out of the coming general election.

That was the warning of Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail to gangsters yesterday.

Replying to reporters yesterday during a press conference, he said there would be no place for gangsters to disturb, affect or trouble the election process.

He said they had received instructions from their state headquarters in Kuching to watch out for possible trouble from gangsters during the election period.

“During our ‘Ops Cantas Kenyalang’, the activities of gangsters have been crushed and their leaders sent away. Those who remain now are a few inactive members. We know who they are. They are not a threat anymore, but we still monitor them,” he said.

If there is any indication that they have a hand in any situation during the election, the police would act fast, Shafie said.

Special Branch personnel are already on the ground together with 60 per cent of the force to keep order.

“We are fully prepared for the election; not only in controlling gangsters, but in all other ways,” Shafie said when reporters asked him about rumours that gangsters could affect the running of the election.

On permits for holding talks and other political activities during the campaign period, Shafie said only the SUPP had ­submitted their applications and he had approved them.

He said SUPP applied to hold meet-the-people sessions and talks.

“The opposition has not done the same,” he said.

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