Bloggers “only noise” said Najib

14 02 2008

Well brother and sister, wat say all of you on this as reported today in the star online

Najib also said Barisan was confident of garnering a two-thirds majority again, which he considered “the minimum” because he expects the coalition to win a bigger victory.  

On whether bloggers such as DAP’s Jeff Ooi could win over young voters, Najib said it was “only noise” so far. 

“It is like pukul canang (hitting a gong). There is only noise but you don’t know if it is empty or half full inside,” he said. 

Read here is the full article. Hopefully the HP6 GoMen is wrong.




One response

15 02 2008
rocky's bru

at least najib gives jeff some credit .. that the blogger’s “tong” could actually be half full!

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