“I work hard. Nobody can tell me that I don’t work hard,”

13 02 2008

Let’s do it together: PM

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Success will only come with everyone’s participation, Pak Lah tells Sarawakians

SIBU: The Barisan Nasional government has provided the catalyst Sarawak needed for greater development and progress, but success would only come with participation from everyone, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said last night.

“I sincerely believe that because we’ve done our homework and made plans for your State (Sarawak); you will see progress you’ve never seen before in the history of your State,” he assured.

Speaking at a dinner held in conjunction with the commissioning of the new school hall of St Elizabeth’s Secondary School, the Prime Minister said other states in the country had been doing well, and attention now must be on Sarawak and Sabah.

He said success would come with determination, strong will, hard work and with the participation of everybody.

I work hard.  Nobody can tell me that I don’t work hard,” he said to thunderous applause.

He added,  “I want to succeed together with you.  You work with me, I work with you.”

Abdullah, however, told the people to face the fact that there would be problems here and there, and there would be many hurdles to cross.

The government would do its best to ensure that the problems would be overcome, he assured.

He then pointed to the importance of the private sector as the “engine of growth.”

The government had put in place all the potential for growth and progress, and it was now up to the people – the private sector – to cooperate and take advantage of the opportunities made available to them, he said.

He urged Sarawakians: “The government is giving Sarawak a fresh impetus to progress such as the SCORE in Bintulu, but Sarawakians should not just stand by and watch without participation.”

Emphasising on the importance of human capital, the Prime Minister urged parents to ensure that their children received good education.

“Ten to 15 years from now, many of our children who are in university today will be moving up the ladder of their careers.

“They will be the decision-makers,” he said, pointing out that how they would shape the society, but this depended very much on their level of education.

Disclosing that the government was targeting to recruit some 60,000 personnel for the police force, the Prime Minister said he hoped a good number of the recruits would come from the Chinese and Indian communities.

He wanted a multiracial police force.

Besides getting new blood, some retired personnel would also be invited to return to the police force, he said.

“We are upgrading the facilities, like getting some 500 new vehicles for the police force, and better equip our policemen,” he disclosed, adding that the government would rent buildings to turn them into police stations.

“It’s good to bring the police stations to the town centre, and closer to the people,” he said.

On the request from local BN leaders to upgrade the Sibu Airport, the Prime Minister promised to raise this in the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

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