Zorro, I wish you are still a teacher.

2 02 2008

Student abuse incident. On Jan 28, more than 100 Form 1 to 3 boys of the rural school claimed they had been severely punished by their disciplinary teacher-cum-warden for making too much noise in their hostel, which disturbed others.”

I bet this never happen when bro zorro was a teacher. So sad.

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One response

2 02 2008

Hi buddy….thanks for the anniversary greetings. It is not fair to stifle or curb the exuberance of youth unless they cross the line into violence or deviousness.
The best days are always school days and I wouldn’t want any student to say when they leave the school gate for the last time: I hate school because of so and so. That would be damning….for any educator. School authorities throw too many rules on the kids these days. they do this primarily because they want to be in control. but I am sure there are better ways….like infusing good values instead of inflicting nitty gritty rules to stunt rather than nurture the growth of young minds and bodies.

Not possible to make it for your fEST….but there will be another time….when will you cross the ocean to visit the Peninsular?

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