When will the flying Doctor be back?

30 01 2008

Flying doctor service needed in interior

Posted By rajlira On 30th January 2008 @ 10:00 In Local

MIRI: The Orang Ulu community is appealing to the government to start the flying doctor service as soon as possible so the community in the interior can receive medical assistance, especially in emergency situations.

The Highland community here is seeing red over the absence of a flying doctor for over a year which causes them hardship and inconvenience.

Recently Ba Kelalan assemblyman Nelson Balang Rining brought up the issue at the DUN sitting for it to be looked into.

Nelson told The Borneo Post when contacted in Lawas yesterday that as of yesterday no flying doctor service was operating in Sarawak after it stopped about a year ago.

The Orang Ulu community looks forward to having the flying doctor service as soon as possible, he said. They hope that a company with experience flying in the interior of Sarawak be given the green light to operate the service as  soon  as possible.

“I’m appealing to the government to urgently look into the matter as this service is invaluable to the community,” Nelson said.

Meanwhile a family in Pa’ Dalleh, Bario also hoped that the flying doctor service could be continued. Last week they had to charter a helicopter to bring their sick father out from the kampung for medical treatment in Miri Hospital.

His adopted son, Abdullah, 46, said the government must see to the needs of the Orang Ulu community as this is the only way for them to get medical treatment when they fall sick or need medical assistance.

Abdullah said the flying doctor service must continue and the government look into the matter promptly to ease the burden of those living in rural areas.

The issue should be given priority since it could be a matter of life-and-death to rural folk leaving far from basic health facilities, he said, urging the authority concerned to look into the matter.

“The flying doctor not only copes with patients from rural areas but those from Baram, Marudi, Limbang and other areas. I hope they can continue to serve the people,” he added.

Kumpulan Wanita Orang Ulu Nasional (Kwouna) Miri branch chairlady Councillor Kijan Toynbee said the service is a must for the community, as it is the only way for those in rural areas to get medical help.

She said the people who are ill in the interior require the presence of a doctor for proper medical treatment.

Article printed from The Borneo Post Online: http://www.theborneopost.com

URL to article: http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=30489




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