Back to the blogsphere.

13 01 2008

It’s great to be back in the blogsphere. After almost three weeks traveling with the Americans starting from north to south part of Sarawak, here I’ am back at home.

Bro Capt. Yusof, I’m very sorry  at the time when you were in Miri I was some where in the central part of Sarawak at Uma Sambob a kenyah longhouse just few km from the Bakun Dam. For bro mat salo…. Well VCU stand for Virginia Commonwealth University. Hope tat answer your curiosity hehehehehe. 🙂

Yesterday they were leaving for KL and today they are off to the USA. Hope Home to meet the again one day.


 Prof Isa and Prof Greg At Gunong Gading NP (the Rafflesia was 6 days old)

And here the news at The Sunday Post today.


Will try to post some of our three weeks experince in the land of hornbill. For more visit this site Peoples and Cultures of Borneo





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