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13 11 2007

Well nothing new for our GoMen.

Yesterday after waiting for few hours the PM finally arrived in Miri airport. (So Malaysian Time still being observed).

Quite interesting to see that in Malaysia the same infrastructure being officiates more then one time. The first time was October 6. What a waste of public funds.

The cost of the project. Ha ha ha. Our MSM is playing with the figures.



From staronline

“The rakyat can see we have implemented many projects that had brought positive changes to society. One after another, we have fulfilled our promises to build more schools; roads, institutions of higher learning and allocate more funds for the states,” he told about 1,000 people when declaring open a RM107mil flyover project yesterday. 


From Berita Harian

“Jika ada duit kita belanja, buat apa simpan. Duit diperuntukkan untuk perbelanjaan bagi melaksanakan projek pembangunan untuk kebaikan rakyat dan negara,” katanya ketika merasmikan jejambat berharga RM45 juta di Bulatan Pujut di sini, petang semalam.


From Nstonline

“I am sure we can do it faster and with greater efficiency if there is a collective effort.” He was speaking at the opening of the RM450 million Pujut flyover, which was completed 11 months ahead of schedule by its contractor Global Upline Sdn Bhd.

The turnkey project was completed in just seven months

So which is which????





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13 11 2007

How else to plunder but to quote different figures to confuse the issue. i bet there are a lot of lobbying in the background. Malaysia boleh or is it a simple case of zam-bism causing the mainstream media not being able to report the truth?

13 11 2007
rocky's bru

i remember nik aziz’s speech in kota bharu at the launch of Wept. in fact, i translated some passages into english:

“I had the opportunity to peruse the list of mega projects contained in the master plan that is said to involve an expenditure totalling RM112 billion.

“Among other things, it will include A UNIVERSITY THAT HAS BEEN LAUNCHED SEVERAL TIMES, the East Coast Expressway, a jetty in Tok Bali and the effort to upgrade Sultan Ismail Petra Airport to a South East Asian hub, as well as a strong desire to produce a Bumiputera Commerce and Industry community.

“Alhamdulillah, all these proposals have long been identified and are part of Kelantan’s long-term stratefic development plan which we have documented and signed since2 May 2000, which is about 7 years ago.”

13 11 2007

Malaysia Boleh! Ha..Ha..ha..

13 11 2007

global upline? who’s the adviser behind it. if you are a minority shareholder of ekran, wembley and other related public-listed co, you want to spit at him. borrow from the listed co and wanna a write-off and after that dont even repay in full. and the government supports this kind. whats the SC doing? guess, there is such a word as “selectivity”.

14 11 2007

I cant say anything but to laugh at the imbecility thinking of a great leader in a great country….

God bless Malaysia!

14 11 2007

The circus visited Miri at last. But are the gangland bosses involved in this new Miri Corridor? Cheers buddy.

14 11 2007

Call for a clean/transparent tender and see how much our hard-earned taxed money can be saved.
It was rumoured(pls check n confirm)that it was build first and pay concept later by the government. Even with this approach, the difference of the interest will be not so much different.
Not prejudicial, many other contractors can also perform too, given the profit difference. The Kuching flyover was also cost overrun.
See “inside sarawak blog” or lim kit siang blog and go to Sarawak..

14 11 2007

Semua project, project, project. Election habis eject, eject eject.

23 06 2011
Iron Deficiency

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