Hopefully no more Chipsmore

26 10 2007

Arrived safely in Miri. Yesterday sis Elviza alerted me about the new blog in the blogosphear. Welcome Kak Ton. More write up about this blog from the father of All-Blog and also here, one of my favorate Blog.

Will there be another Chpsmore saying “Now you see now you don’t” about the Textbooks. Hopefully it’s true like what reported in the star.


Free textbooks by year’s end

KUALA LUMPUR: Come the new school year, parents will not have to worry about buying textbooks for their children. 

All schools nationwide should receive full delivery of books under the Textbook Loan Scheme before the end of the year. 

An Education Ministry official said letters on delivery dates had already been sent out to all schools. 

“Urban schools will receive the books before the start of the school holidays (Nov 17) while rural schools will receive them before December,” the official said when contacted yesterday. 

It has been announced under the 2008 Budget that the scheme will be extended to all students, irrespective of family income and with no restrictions on the number of eligible children.

The scheme will benefit 5.7 million students compared with 4.5 million now.  




6 responses

26 10 2007

One thing for sure, there will be complaint of textbook shortage. This is Malaysia lah. Must have some problem otherwise no learning.

2 11 2007
A Voice

I never could understand the leeway for textbook given to all, irrespective of income.

Imagine, someone with RM50,000 per month salary also seeking free textbook just like thsoe living in dilapidated home at teh edge of a kampung.

7 11 2007
Anouhea Audiya

Rupa2 this blog is manned by Sarawakian.

… ermmmm, i going to put your URL in my blogroll, darling!

10 11 2007
Mat Salo


Agi idup agi NGalaban.. Sorry of the misscomm some weeks back because I didn’t know you were coming..

Anyway, masih bulan Syawal. Hope it’s not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya and Ma’af Zahir Bathin…

Susun jari.. ma’af ya, Pok? hehee… chipsmore…

13 11 2007

Pls have more activities in your blogs.
There are indeed many or much topics of interest to be expected from Miri or Sarawak for that matter.

16 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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