Mama Rempit

19 10 2007

OMG…… As if our country don’t know what to do with the “billion of RM” (if any lah) in the country reserved. I think no way it could curbs the problems. Once a Mat Rempit will be forever Mat Rempit.

Azalina wants race tracks to stop Mat Rempit

19 October, 2007
KUALA LUMPUR: One way to curb the problems of Mat Rempit and illegal racing is to build race tracks in every district. Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, who made the suggestion, said state and local governments must designate areas for this purpose.
 Here’s the full report.




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22 10 2007

That woman is mad! The only way is to shame them by bringing any caught to Khairy and that guy who bought his degree, the same guy who was caught visiting Holiday Villa’s Blue Apple fuck-shop. Get press coverage and just watch the response, which will be the whole horde will whack KJ and the Putera Pimp.

Build race track? Build more homes for the poor I say. Designate areas for this purpose? How about Kampong Idaman where the poor homes are overshadowed by the Mansion He Stole.

How are u buddy?

Bro, I’m fine thank you. Still shock ‘cos just found out from my expatriate friends here in Miri some places still offer Seven for RM10.

24 10 2007

My suggesstion about those self glorified Mat Rempits will be:

24 10 2007

My suggesstion about those self glorified Mat Rempits will be:
1. Arrest them and the riders/bikes and sent to Puspakom for examination as in Van Sapu here in Sarawak.
2. In the process, get their details for police data bank which includes their father and mother details/home phone numbers, their next of kin, occupations.
3. Make calls to their homes if they are caught including calling their fathers/mothers/elder brothers employers. They are also responsible for the early lack of discipline at home.
4. Create this havoc for them. Don’t kala to them. they are spoilt brads.
5. Put green beans on the road ahead.
6. More civic mindedness people as neighbours must report to police and arrest those rempits individual at their homes.
7. A special police squad to handle the situation. Bring in the army/FRU/Rela.
8. Make laws to control or eradicate this menace.
and or any other constructive suggestions from you responsible people?.
This sick children need to be harnessed.

Nora said: Send them to the NS camp….

27 10 2007

She should take a closer look at home first ,if she did her job properly in a first place her people wont get the chance to get corrupted under her nose.If the internal problems cannot be handled than how is she gonna do other problem.For so long sitting in the post i didnt see anything at all except her internal problems.Wasting to many peoples times and money and years of improvement.

28 10 2007
Anouhea Audiya

… My solusi for this rempitsme!

lontar aja molotov cocktail… biaq terbakaq! nols!

8 11 2007

The best way to get rid of this rempits is by using a few 4 wheel drives every sat night and ram it into them. Of course lah when the are on their break time that is when they are lepaking in the teh tarik shops. U know the best would be the ones with big tyres which can even smash cars. The police have to do this. Do this continuously for 2 weeks u wont find any more rempits. Buiding tracks is good but should not be from the public funds we have corporate companies that can do it. Merge all the insurance companies, banks and petroleum companies who have been robbing the rakyat and get them to build it. And yes half of it can come from the biggest rakyat robber of them all MR. KJ

14 11 2007

I was talking to a cabbie last week about the mat rempit. Its getting ridiculous when they can just run over the police and jpj road-blocks and all. He suggested one solution…. simply gun ’em down. After a few casualties then they’ll know that we are dead serious. Using 4×4 is a bit messy.

13 12 2007

Opsss sofia..what a brilliant idea..why didnt I think of that? Anyhow, you better demo to us and probably you will be stomping your feet in total enjoyment.LOL

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