Bye-bye Fax N welcome MasWings

30 09 2007

FAX’s close call on its last day

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Panic turns to relief when Twin Otter splutters to life after both engines briefly stop

MIRI: The first flight of the penultimate day of FAX Rural Air Service here almost ended in disaster when the engines failed while airborne yesterday.

Lawas-bound Twin Otter flight DZ 1530 took off slightly after its 6.55 am schedule but ran into trouble within minutes after take-off.

A FAX Twin Otter next to MasWings aircraft.

It was supposed to land in Lawas airport at 7.40am but was back here using just one engine that was “forced” to start by the pilot.

The co-pilot was overheard saying that they might land on a highway but the calm pilot turned back to Miri airport and head out to the sea with the single left engine.

That engine spluttered and even stopped in mid-aid for several seconds, causing the aircraft to lose attitude rapidly and left the passengers hysterical.

To their great relief, the pilot managed to restart an engine and nursed the plane back to the airport.

Utusan Sarawak bureau chief in Limbang, Adeng Edrews, who was on the plane said he was shocked when the right propeller stopped within minutes after taking off but he was in for a bigger shock when both engines failed.

Shaken by the scary ordeal, he and other passengers recalled that there was screaming, hysteria, and loud praying among passengers while the pilot and co-pilot struggled to bring the plane back under control.

Some angry passengers demanded a refund while some just walked away, shaken but thankful that they landed safely.

I was supposed to be on the flight but missed it after the ground crew stopped me for failing to meet the check-in time.

Both Adeng and I made it somehow to Lawas later to cover the Ramadan month Raya gift presentation to orphans and poor Muslims, mosque and surau officials yesterday.

Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Dato Sri Awang Tengah Ali Hasan officiated at the function.

Tengah’s wife Datin Sri Dayang Morliah Datuk Awang Daud was also present at Lawas district mosque.

FAX and the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) when contacted declined to comment on the scary flight.

Tomorrow, MasWings, a subsidiary of MAS will take over the rural air services from FAX.

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2 responses

2 10 2007

hahahahaha…Great experience! I once flew by Forker Friendship plane from Kuching to K.L……supposedly the safest plane on Earth.
On landing…the wheels will not release…pilot told us not to worry…circling for more than half an hour..then he decided to climb out and knock the wheels out. They did!! We landed safely…and I guess all passengers were shy not to appear frightened nor verge of a hear attack. What pride can do for the near dead to be alive and well….hahahahaha

9 10 2007

This is one of the many episodes that will and can happen in travelling by air. It’s of value to us, the customers, on how the maintenance is conducted. Is good maintenance safe enough? How good is good?Accidents do/can happen, that will be the end explanation. We must never be the victim of accident due to negligence from our paying service provider. Planes get older daily, service life reduced. Technician feelings towards their work can hamper performances, etc, etc..
Not teching a duck how to swin here but saying something from a layman’s point of view. We do not want to be just another statistic.

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