Tot I was dreaming….Air Ramadan, not Hari Raya songs

24 09 2007

Posted By rajlira On 24th September 2007 @ 00:01 In Local

Malaysians must respect the Muslim fasting month, says Daud

MIRI: Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak yesterday called on owners of business premises including shopping complexes, hotels and supermarkets in the State to air Ramadan and not Raya songs as the latter is still far off.

A random survey by The Borneo Post in Miri found most business premises, hotels, supermarkets and shopping complexes already airing Hari Raya songs.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said Malaysians must respect the Muslim fasting month.

He said business premises must not air Raya songs yet as it was still the fasting month.

It would be more appropriate to air Hari Raya songs a week before Ramadan, he added.

“Hari Raya songs are already being aired at business premises, hotels, shopping complexes and supermarkets to attract the crowds,” Daud observed.

It showed a lack of understanding and respect for the holy fasting month of Ramadan, Daud told The Borneo Post when contacted by telephone yesterday afternoon.

He suggested that owners of premises instead air religious songs, Ramadan songs and famous Malaysian Nyasid group such as Raihan to draw the crowds to their premises.

The holy month is a time to conduct prayers, religious talks and donate to the needy. It is a good time to do charitable work like assisting the needy and refraining from involvement in negative activities, he advised.

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2 responses

2 10 2007

It clearly shows the way one thinks as a worker is different from one who does business. One think like a block head…the other ..making the best of every opportunity to sell his goods. Both are right….but which is truly right?
I say the businessman is right…for without his great ideas…how is our country going to go forward?

13 10 2007

Wah. I did not know JAIS is *that* bodoh. Bodoh bodoh bodoh.

Everything needs to be regulated, right down to the bloody song aired in a private commercial complex?

Bodoh bodoh bodoh JAIS.

Nora said: Bro, maybe dah tak da kerja lain lagi 🙂

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