It’s just a probe…

21 09 2007

The Star Online > Nation

Cop under probe for having RM9mil

KUALA LUMPUR: A police officer from Bukit Aman police headquarters is at the centre of an Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) probe for having assets worth RM9mil. 

Sources said the officer with the rank of Superintendent is in his 40’s was believed to have been involved in five money-laundering cases in Johor. He is also being investigated for abuse of power. 

It is learnt that the officer was supposed to present himself at the ACA office yesterday but failed to do so. 

Meanwhile, a high-ranking police officer who had undeclared assets worth about RM27mil made the asset declaration on Wednesday to the Deputy Public Prosecutor in Putrajaya. 

The officer heads a department at Bukit Aman. According to sources, ACA would still proceed to ascertain the source of his assets. 

Its was reported the officer allegedly played the role of “godfather” to an oil palm plantation company in Sabah.




One response

2 10 2007

This is but one case of few dozens….and hundreds of small fries…not the traffic police…type…but on vice and gambling. Any fool can know…if the head can have so much…how about those hundreds under him?
Now lets see….enough evidences to prove things and get real justice. Mostly sensational news like this to please the voters….then all forgotten or not guilty for one reason or another…but glaring news like Tun Salleh being victimized…never can get justice. Lets see the 800 lawyers protest march with 1200 supporters have any effect on the government to change for the better.

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