Watch out!!!! if UR in Kalimantan

19 09 2007

Beware! Dead hens lay eggs across border!

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KUCHING: If a chicken crosses a street in West Kalimantan and you run over it with your car, be prepared to compensate its owner for not only the dead fowl but also for the offspring that it could have conceived.

This is apparently what is happening to Sarawakian motorists who have the misfortune of having an accident in the Indonesian province … whether it is a chicken or something else, be prepared to be harassed.

Sarawak Commission of Police Datuk Talib Jamal said they had received information about such goings on and the State contingent had taken the initiative to help Sarawakians faced with such accidents.

“Sometimes our people get into minor accidents and they will be harassed by the locals for compensation. You can hit a chicken but they will ask for compensation right down to its ‘cucu’,” he told reporters after opening the Sarawak Contingent Police Families Association (Perkep) annual general meeting here.

He revealed that this was one of the issues brought up during the meeting with West Kalimantan police chief Brigadier General Drs Zainal Abidin Ishak, during his visit here from March 6 – 8 this year.

Talib said his Indonesian counterpart had agreed to help locals involved in accidents in Kalimantan.

“So, whenever a Sarawakian motorist gets into an accident in Kalimantan, they should go to the local police immediately. They would still have to compensate if they kill a chicken but at a reasonable amount,” he said.

Besides traffic issues, he said that there was now less illegal logging happening along Sarawak’s borders with Kalimantan, and this was due to the close cooperation between the two police forces.

At the same time, Talib said they were working closely to step up security at the border. There would be greater exchange of information between them, particularly on crimes, he said.

On Tuesday, Talib told reporters that the Sarawak police and their West Kalimantan counterparts would continue to take firm action to plug the illegal cross-border flow of women into the State for prostitution.

He also warned that people who harboured these women for vice and other immoral purposes would face stern action.

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2 responses

20 09 2007

Wow, Nora……I for a long time thought that you had taken a long hiatus….thus my long absence from your blog. Great to have you actively blogging again.

So the authorities are more concerned about a fucked-up-dead-chicken than the rampant crime prevailing in our space.

Nora said: Thanks brother. Maybe we sud meet again this coming October in KL if you are around. You can always asked Rocky to oganize the All-Blogs Raya open house, 😉 since it’s still bulan Syawal. Shar101 can do the double duty. ha ha ha. 🙂 Sis Elviza can also give more suggestions.

2 10 2007

hahahahaha…This is still happening? We motorists in West Malaysia have same experiences….but if you are lucky and patient..and prepare to sit for a drink and pay for all may be freed within 5 hours …having entertained the whole village…..hahahahahaha

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