Happy Merdeka Day

30 08 2007


Yeap…. Lately I managed to sleep the same day I wake up every day for a couple of weeks. I’m sure bro Rocky and Shar101 will not be able to do this ‘cos they normally stay late at night, ha..ha..ha..

Well sis elviza as promised here my entry to break the silence. I have few more computers to clean up. It seem the PET32 worms is going on rampage in Miri. Will make an entry about this worm in my next posting.

To all out there Happy Mardeka day.





5 responses

30 08 2007

Happy Merdeka Day to you tooooo! Oh, sorry about bugging you to put this new posting up! He he he… 🙂

Nora said: Sis, you are welcome

31 08 2007


Forget the PET32 worms. There was a larger, more virulent one tonight at the dataran merdeka raising the JG.

It’s name? KJ-zero.

Btw it’s not every night for me. Just Fridays.

Happy Merdeka? Yeah, it was. On the 25th.

Nora said: Hello bro… so the wanabe PM will be there 😉

31 08 2007

Gee bro, i thought you gave up blogging or whatever.

i am glad to know now that the real problem is you have been infected by a mild dose of the sleeping virus. hahaha Sleeping is good but must also get some real work done lah.

Getting rid of the PET32 worm is easy – just reformat the hard disk or get a new one. Now getting rid of the sleeping virus … that’s a different matter altogether.

Welcome back to blogsphere, bro.

Nora said: No way to give up blogging. Only in Blogging we can find real friends and it’s fun

1 09 2007

Oh Shar! I know what you meant. Saw him on national tv live telecast in front of the pole. Urggghhhh

2 10 2007

After so long…I finally found new message to post.
Will just say “hi…how are you getting on?”

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