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31 08 2007

Malaysia 44 or 50?

Posted By rajlira On 26th August 2007 @ 10:00 In TheSundayPost

Come Aug 31 our beloved nation will celebrate her 50th birthday, as designated by the federal government. But until today certain quarters are still fervently debating the age of our country.

EVERY year as we celebrate National Day on Aug 31, the debate on the actual age of our nation surfaces and it seems to rage with greater intensity than ever. Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Merdeka Day

30 08 2007


Yeap…. Lately I managed to sleep the same day I wake up every day for a couple of weeks. I’m sure bro Rocky and Shar101 will not be able to do this ‘cos they normally stay late at night, ha..ha..ha..

Well sis elviza as promised here my entry to break the silence. I have few more computers to clean up. It seem the PET32 worms is going on rampage in Miri. Will make an entry about this worm in my next posting.

To all out there Happy Mardeka day.