A king for a day….

21 06 2007


To my lovely wife happy 21st anniversary. At last I still remember the day. 


marriage vows/aniversary succeses

How little we know in our growing years?
Protected by our loved ones from woes and fears.
We continue to grow from our past.
Searching for a new love one that will last.
Accentuated by our social being to find one with to share.

We take our wedding vows to show the world we care.
A family is next to sustain our marriage and fortify our love.
To succeed this human experience needs to be blessed from above.

We think back how easy it was to say, ‘I do’

But it was your conviction, good foundation and character that seen you through.
Each years number large or small celebrate your anniversary none the less.
For the greater the number the greater the the success.

………..theodore colterelli




12 responses

21 06 2007

WOW!! Married for 21 years.

Nora said: Thank you monty. 😉

21 06 2007

Congratulations Bro. You inspired me!

Nora said: Thank you very much bro

22 06 2007
The Ancient Mariner

21st aniv means yr marriage has indeed reached maturity.
Congratulations, bro.

Nora said: Thank you very much to you too bro Capt.

22 06 2007

My brother,
This is examplary. Everytime my going gets tough with my other half, I shall flip this posting.
Take care. Be back shortly

Nora said: Have a nice break sis. Hope to meet you soon 😉

22 06 2007

Since I do not have my other half…I will flip over my pillows………..hahahahghahahaha

26 06 2007

Sorry this is late but Happy Anniversary!!! 21 years is something to be very proud of. Congratulations!

Nora said: It’s never late. Thank you Sis.

30 06 2007

6 plus 8 plus 12…total 26 years married life to three wives.
Guess I also can claim I am a good hubby too?…..hahahahahaha

9 07 2007
Mat Salo

Nama berita, Pok…

21 years is a long time brother. Insya’Allah there will be many more to come. I hope mine will last for long time, too. Amin.

Take care bro’…

27 07 2007

21 years is a long time… congrats!

Nora said: Thanks.

30 07 2007

Amin have not been active lately. Maybe he likes his wedding photo so much…this is it…his final post?…..hahahahahahaha

20 08 2007

hi Amin…No movements in your blog. What’s up?
Susan Loone has become the first lady blogger to obtain one million hits.
Thought you like to know.

29 08 2007


No phone call, no text message, no new posting. Ah, the silence is getting too loud here. Say something please

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