Today is Father’s Day

17 06 2007


Happy Father’s Day to all daddies out there. Especially to Rocky (The father for All-Blogs), Sheih, Mat Salo, Zorro, Capt. Yusof, E. Woon, monty and all the friends and visitors of Clemfour. Enjoy your day friends.




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17 06 2007
The Ancient Mariner

Thanks bro and same to you too.

17 06 2007
The Ancient Mariner

Many thanks, bro. Same to you too.

Nora said: You are welcome Capt.

17 06 2007

Thank you and Happy Dad’s Day to you too. Here’s to the woman (singular, I assume) who turned you into someone’s daddy.
Bila mau kemari lagi brother?

Nora said: Thanks for dropping by bro. Yes sure it’s singular 🙂 . Very soon will be there bro. Hope bro zorro will be ready with extra glasses. 😉

17 06 2007

Thanks. Last is the best….hahahahahahaha

18 06 2007

monsterball Says …”Last is the best….hahahahahahaha”

Monty, you mean save the best for last?

19 06 2007

yes Nora….My name was mentioned LAST by you too!!
I used to see my children eat and leave something untouched…I asked why…they say it is the best and they will eat them last.
Frankly speaking….anak bonsoo seems to get bes attention…am I right?
If one do not rush and get off from train bus or plane as last person…one may enjoy the trip more.
However…be last in your class examinations means that person is not intelligent……hahahahaha
Yet some of those are proven to be smartest in real working life. Can you explain tat Nora?

Nora said: Well monty you want me to explain…. okey here goes…. Somebody told me that examination is not a True Test Of Ones Knowledge!!! 😉 so tat why it happen.

19 06 2007

But in real, life..Nora….examination results do prove a person’s IQ and yet few are so successful and look smart.
I know few dudes….all of a sudden became so rich…then the hairstylist..clothes also seems to make the look smart and able….but when you talk to them…they are same old dudes.
My children used to say…if I dress up….I do look so handsome etc etc etc….but I prefer simple plain clothings…comfortable and the road stalls barbers…especially Indians…..provided they are absolutely hygenic…which sadly most are not…even now. Otherwise…their skills will make them rich.
So back to no IQ….proven exams do tell the truth….yet very rich. You see….Nora…what I am trying to imply is that you need not be smart to be rich…that’s true. An idiot can also strike a lottery of RM3 million……but look at ALL the government ministers …what they speak…most are filthy rich..even that famous Zakaria…few I know personally….mostly chinese….no qualities…yet so rich….is this proving tests are not important….and not what you know…but who you know?

19 06 2007

Nora….The Chinese have a saying…..that to be successful and rich is based on the person’s following ‘destiny’ born in this world….that is:-
1.Already pre determind
4.How generous you are in donations to the poor
So you to the chinese is least important to succeed……that is….the old saying lah…..definitely not now.
Lots became rich…we think it is the above..then became very poor….mostly due to point 4……and abuses others with the richnesses God given to them… it in power or with money. Poor here means so wide wide intangible things…happening to the receiver..not seen by the public…such as poor health..turn to become a vegetable.
Yet MAJORITY are also born to struggle and suffer for others happiness….these are the ordinary down to earth loving human beings.

19 06 2007
The Observer

I find it strange and very suspicious that you can put up such a front when dealing with Monsterball. Yet when you want to say something about him, you used Bahasa mixed with English. I came across your comment at Rocky’s Bru dated Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (Drama on Malaysian blogosphere)
May I asked what were your intention? You appeared philosophical in your writings but it seems you are malicious. Malay have a phrase for that, ‘Talam dua muka’ or is it ‘Gunting dalam lipatan’? Are you trying to play both sides? Here, I reposted your comment so you’ll know what am refering to. Thank you.
Nora a.k.a Anon Fm. Miri said…
Cakap salah tak cakap pun salah. “Orang Bola” tu dah mula main ping pong pula apabila posting ini keluar. Dah tersalah tangapan lagi. Mungkin perlu satu lagi article The monkey and the flower untuk meleraikan. Difahamkan selepas artikel tu “Orang Bola” pun tenggelam.
3:02 PM

Nora said: Selamat datang The Observer dan Terima kasih atas pengamatan tuan/puan tentang diri peramba.

Semasa peramba membuat komen yang dimaksudkan, pada masa itu saudara monterball mula merapu-rapu tak tentu pasal dan juga menyalah ertikan apabila Rocky membuat posting “Drama on Malaysian blogosphere” Bukanlah hasrat peramba hendak menjadi Talam Dua muka dan jauh sekali menjadi gunting dalam lipatan.

Bagi peramba adalah lebih elok kalau kita dapat membuang yang keroh dan mengambil yang jernih.

Mohon maaf dari perhamba yang hina ini.

19 06 2007

Nora..whatever it is…I want you to know I trust you as much as I trust Sheih. Although we have never me…your writings tells tour character and good intentions….even going against me..I will never get offended…if it means true unity for all bloggers.
After all..I am only human and can make mistakes.

19 06 2007

We should meet one day.
Then you have a clearer picture of my thoughts and intentions….never selfish….but like you and Sheih….towards unity for all bloggers.
I also believe Sheih stand by my side based on him trusting me as a kind and sincere person foremost….yet still thorn between good friends departed by doing so.
But once he makeup his mind…he never change.
So now is leaving how to unite all without those trying to disunite bloggers.
Over and over again..I said you can judge a person from the writings.
Thanks for being my friend Nora.

Nora said: Thanks monty. Yes in the near future if I come down to KL, we surely will meet monty.

9 07 2007
Mat Salo


Oooh forgot. Thanks for including me in your Father’s Day posting, Pok. And I miss do miss your postings. Sibuk ke, Pok?

Take care.

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