Welcome back to the blogsphere Sheih.

14 06 2007


I’m so glad you made that decision brother. In my honest opinion, that is the best option for the good of All-Blogs to move forwards.

Our long online chat at the eve of Rocky’s Bru first year anniversary is still fresh in my mind. When I told you about the email that I intercept about you with All-Blogs, you were very confused….Yes it was new news to you, and you were shock to find out that somebody in All-Blogs going around questioning your loyalty to All-Blogs.

With you as an ordinary blogger, so there will be no more “Duri dalam Daging” in All-Blogs. Well, wise move brother. Take care and thanks for the phone call just now. 

See you soon 🙂





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15 06 2007

Nora…Thank you for your understanding and support for me. I need friends now to understand what I am going through.
Signs of doing the right thing now slowly appearing with Sheih’s resignation and Susan’s announcement he is supporting Sheih and distance herself from ALL BLOGS.
You said Sheih is a free man sounds logical…but is he happy about it? I bet you not…but he is a man of principles….so personal happiness or benefits do not come into play.. What he is interested is do the right thing and lets see how those guys going to unite all bloggers. Is not that the main priority of a President? Is he doing it?
From the start…to elect a journalist President is not logical…but one must give benefits of doubtsit is the right decision.
Months passed by….not one sign of the President respecting Sheih….UNLESS give up papa monsterball.
So his chioce to resign is also based on his choice to be with me always….not matter what….come rain or shine.

Nora said: Monty you are welcome.

Let the past be the past and move on. From the tele-conversation with brother Sheih yesterday, he is very much in support with Brother Rocky as the President and there is no doubt on that. I personally think Brother Rocky is still the right person to lead All-Blogs.

Monty, both of Brother Sheih and me still respect Brother Rocky like before and, we still enjoy his respect to us. So there is no question of Brother Rocky not showing any respect to Brother Sheih.

Brother Sheih existence in the Pro Tem of All-Blogs is just like “A thorn in the flesh” after some members start to question his loyalty and this could obstruct the development of All-Blogs.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Thanks. Take care monty

15 06 2007

Dear bro Nora
That is what I call fair comment with regards to your response to monsterball’s posting.
Tak payah mengapi-api dan melaga-lagakan di antara kawan.
Syabas bro!

Nora said: Thank you.

19 06 2007

I find it strange and very suspicious that you can put up such a front when dealing with Monsterball. Yet when you want to say something about him, you used Bahasa mixed with English. I came across your comment at Rocky’s Bru dated Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (Drama on Malaysian blogosphere) http://rockybru.blogspot.com/2007/05/blogospheres-drama-queen-and-king.html
May I asked what were your intention? You appeared philosophical in your writings but it seems you are malicious. Malay have a phrase for that, ‘Talam dua muka’ or is it ‘Gunting dalam lipatan’? Are you trying to play both sides? Here, I reposted your comment so you’ll know what am refering to. Thank you.
Nora a.k.a Anon Fm. Miri said…
Cakap salah tak cakap pun salah. “Orang Bola” tu dah mula main ping pong pula apabila posting ini keluar. Dah tersalah tangapan lagi. Mungkin perlu satu lagi article The monkey and the flower untuk meleraikan. Difahamkan selepas artikel tu “Orang Bola” pun tenggelam.
3:02 PM

Nora said: Here’s my answer

19 06 2007

Nora…I hope you are right. Rocky is a kind mild mannered cultured man. This I know and can be tough and stern and brave. These are good qualities for being a leader.
I know Sheih loves and respect Rocky very much and really support him to be the man to unite all bloggers.
All things been said…they are clear evidences just two or three so call support Rocky are infect using him to play pro Mahathir politics and to disunite bloggers….thus leading to Sheih’s resignation.
This is like we have differences in opinions….but we are friends….attitudes towards Rocky from Sheih.
Sheih is truly noble and man with great principles in life.

22 06 2007
A Voice

I hope Monsterball does not barge in with his usual sweeping statements when ever “we” provide explainations. He seems to be on a widespreading attempt to spread lies of a vindicative character assasination. Mind you, he is preaching unity without realising his behavior was the cause of disunity and have been rubbishing Rocky all over the blogs. Very vile man.
Your blog’s “somebody” points to a comment below by Brighteyes on Shar101’s OBE blog ABOUT ME and it relates to his comments on my blog posting entitled “Interfaith Issues: Gimme a Break …”:
“On another side, hillarious that Voice is upset over monster’s racism. He feels its ok to call nonMalay Malaysians ‘kaum pendatang’, and thinks somehow Malaysia would become great wihout these ‘problematic’ ‘pendatang’ around. But when some old fart does the racist stereotyping on him, he gets all angry. Pot calling pot black.
I couldn’t interpret anything to this link of yours but I am entitle for a rational explantion. Below is my response on Shar101:
“Shar – Naturally we all have differing opinions, but that is not enough a basis to lose ones cool. As mature middle age man, I am not easy to lose my cool and I know how to time myself.
My weakness is that I am a Nationalistic Malay man, who cannot tolerate bad manners and intentional insults. Any man with some level of pride will not tolerate any insults levelled at his race and religion.
Disagreement doesn’t warrant an engagement that starts with insults and bad manners. Off course, what constitute insult and bad manners may differ between one person, their background, and religion/race. In the recent Lina Joy case, many in disagreement with the Lina Joy decision decided to express themselves beyond the expressionable level.
With that, thanks for diverting a clash with Brighteyes. He has a propensity to incite engagement in a style I am not comfortable with and just brings out the worst in me.”
I hope you allow me a right of reply.
As to not get it “out of context”, plese do read the whole posting and even my posting “Karen Armstrong Promote Silence, Non Violence and Compassion” to understand my point of view. Some of my point of history in the comment are a bit too honest for some but I am stating it as it is.
I sure hope we start to “silence” ourselves than prolong it to be part of any revenge.
Lets not have any more proxy fights, decoy blogs, switch and bait, shoot the messengers, wild and sweeping accusations, conspiracy theory, email spams, cheap political ploy of call for unity, and many other negative tactics I do not wish to enlist further.
The more we allow it to happen, the more it get worse. Lets get back to blogging!
Muga2 panjang umor kita berjumpa friend.

Nora said: Bro, kita buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jernih. Hope to meet you in the near future.

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