A king for a day….

21 06 2007


To my lovely wife happy 21st anniversary. At last I still remember the day. 


marriage vows/aniversary succeses

How little we know in our growing years?
Protected by our loved ones from woes and fears.
We continue to grow from our past.
Searching for a new love one that will last.
Accentuated by our social being to find one with to share.

We take our wedding vows to show the world we care.
A family is next to sustain our marriage and fortify our love.
To succeed this human experience needs to be blessed from above.

We think back how easy it was to say, ‘I do’

But it was your conviction, good foundation and character that seen you through.
Each years number large or small celebrate your anniversary none the less.
For the greater the number the greater the the success.

………..theodore colterelli


Today is Father’s Day

17 06 2007


Happy Father’s Day to all daddies out there. Especially to Rocky (The father for All-Blogs), Sheih, Mat Salo, Zorro, Capt. Yusof, E. Woon, monty and all the friends and visitors of Clemfour. Enjoy your day friends.

So get ready here we go again

15 06 2007

At last it is coming…… here is what reported by nstonline

Task force to check on websites

By Deborah Loh
15 June, 2007
A task force will be formed to study the need to regulate Internet sites with pornographic and seditious content. The cabinet approved the establishment of the task force at its meeting on Wednesday after a lengthy discussion.

It decreed that it should proceed with the study to ensure that any regulatory action is confined to the Multimedia Bill of Guarantees, which includes a provision not to censor the Internet.

Sources told the New Straits Times that the task force would tread carefully so as not to violate the bill and would study existing laws, such as the Sedition Act, to see how it could be expanded to include Internet content.

The sources said the regulatory powers were not meant to block or censor websites with such content, but to look at how warnings could be issued before action was taken.

The task force would also determine what sort of action was feasible, without contravening the Bill of Guarantees.

The websites to be monitored are those which contain pornographic material and those, including blogs, which carry seditious material.

“These include blogs which post inflammatory content against other races or religions and not just blogs on politics or those which criticise the government,” a source said.

Members of the task force are said to include high-ranking officers from the ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation, Information, Energy, Water and Communications, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the police and CyberSecurity Malaysia.

The task force will study “tricky” issues like the problem of identifying anonymous bloggers, the handling of websites with servers located overseas, and the application of sedition law in cyberspace.

Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shahziman Mansor confirmed that the MCMC had been directed to conduct a study on the subject.

“Any action would be limited by the Multimedia Bill of Guarantees,” he said. “The issue of censoring the Internet does not arise. It is not easy to monitor millions of websites.

“Neither can we simply install filters for certain sites or people will accuse us of censorship,” Shahziman said. 

Welcome back to the blogsphere Sheih.

14 06 2007


I’m so glad you made that decision brother. In my honest opinion, that is the best option for the good of All-Blogs to move forwards.

Our long online chat at the eve of Rocky’s Bru first year anniversary is still fresh in my mind. When I told you about the email that I intercept about you with All-Blogs, you were very confused….Yes it was new news to you, and you were shock to find out that somebody in All-Blogs going around questioning your loyalty to All-Blogs.

With you as an ordinary blogger, so there will be no more “Duri dalam Daging” in All-Blogs. Well, wise move brother. Take care and thanks for the phone call just now. 

See you soon 🙂


Alone again…

12 06 2007

Woke up very early today and was at the airport at 5.00 am., to catch up the first available flight to Kuala Lumpur. I’m still very sleepy. Only had a two hours sleep last night. This is the first time she will be away for a long….long…time…. Time travel very fast.. That’s life….

The difference….

9 06 2007

So, if you stop liking a person you used to like,
all you need to do is cover your ears.
But if you try to close your eyes, love turns into a
drop of tear and remains in your heart forever.