Peace at last….

28 05 2007

Baby Sleep

So friends let us move forward now, and stop barking.

lBehind every successful man, there is a woman.


lAnd behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.




8 responses

29 05 2007

So behind a VERY unsuccessful man…there are three…hahahahaha
PS: I divorced three times. Does that make me extremely successful or a total failure Nora?…..hahahahahaha

Nora said: Definitely failure in marriage 😉

29 05 2007
Mat Salo

Salaam Bang!
Ha Ha Ha… kelakar Pok!
Hmmm… you want to tell this Datuk K?

Nora said: Sik lah pok… 😉

29 05 2007
Daily Nibbler

Nice poster! Thanks. Those wordings in the poster are indeed true.

Nora said: Agree wef you… 🙂

30 05 2007

So definitely marriage is a failure. Does it mean I am an unsuccessful man personally?
Love your fortune telling.
Shoot it as you see it…don’t worry about bad news…no problem for me.
Nora said: 😉

30 05 2007

Ha ha ha ha ha ! (boy I need the laugh!). I must forward this to the father of my son.
If I may add, behind every successful woman, there is a man too…. of course you know…
Good day Nora! Gimme a shout if you are online. The lines in my secret tree house is a bit tricky. So, got to try harder
Nora said: Sis will do…

30 05 2007

behind every successful woman is .. herself
don’t look at me! i just got it in my email! lol.

Nora said: Partly true… 😉

31 05 2007

No news is good news?

Nora said: You are right again

9 06 2007

Most of the successful woman need not be beautiful nor show how sexy or advertise herself that she is available…..but with a fine great character to show off her nice personality… mixing around.
Successful men are usually the responsible type…be it a gardener or a rich bloke. They will chase after those that shows a true sincere constant caring female….but is smart to go out and spent few years together….before making up his mind. Once he does…like Pak Lah….that will be his Queen to love and protect forever.
Younger guys…should move around more years to get serious….thus have time to seriously judge if that girl is the right one. If not….even if she stick around like glue….be the rouge to find ways and means to make her hate you….for her own sake. Don’t always think to have free milk…why disturb the good fortunes…that’s downright sickening real rouge.
Ofcourse…Nora being a grandfather now is an expert to advise matter of love to younger people.

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