Have fun….

23 05 2007

Come and check your fingers…… not sure if it’s true or not. This is just for fun brother. 🙂 





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24 05 2007

I’m definitely a guy, and macho, at that.
Now, all I need to do is show my finger to a lady. Ringless, of course.
Hi bro,
Sorry but have been busy lately. Missed the daily bloghopping, so I’m trying to cover as much as possible tonight.
Tomorrow? FOOOOTBAAALL, man.
Hope Liverpool wins and I can “Wooooooohooooooo” back at you guyz.
Meanwhile, check out – http://notsoincredible.wordpress.com
I think I got a mirror site run by a lady. Amazing, ain’t it.
P.S. Shouldn’t the word ‘bigger’ be ‘longer’? Just wondering.

Nora Said: Yesssss agreed wef you….but I think Zorro’s “swamp man” is more manco. As for the suggestion, it gonna be on the other entry (posting). The status is still under category coming soon 🙂

24 05 2007
Daily Nibbler


Nora said: How come????

26 05 2007

So you have taken up hand reading? Good for you.
Once you complete with face reading..palmistry….mouth and body structures…plus reading writings too..then you can really identify from one look ..like a new third eye implanted in you.

Nora said: Ha… haa..haaaa

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