What a hectic day!!!!!

14 05 2007

After dropping off my wife it was almost 9.30 am. Suddenly just before entering the house my phone rang. Phew………. It was from my sister blogger elviza. Just calling to get some verification and to get in touch. Yes I’m now moving to WordPress. It’s a new blogging platform for me. So gonna try the features tat is available and be a bit adventurous.

Just few minutes in the house the phone rang again. This time it was from the school. My son was not feeling well so got to pick him up. Off I go. Seeing him coughing badly, I decided to bring him to the clinic. Parked my car and put the 42 cents parking coupon on the dashboard. Tat’s the cost for half hour parking.

Oh my God, the clinic was jam-packed with people so it was going to take more than half an hour waiting before his turn to meet the doctor. My guess was right, after 25 minutes waiting still no sign of his name being called. So I need to go back to my car to put another coupon or else if the parking warden found it to be over due, I’ll get and extra RM 1 parking ticket. The surcharge is double the cost for parking for half an hour.

The clock is ticking, and it’s almost eleven thirty. Waiting for almost an hour already. I’m in deep trouble. I need to send off two of my kids who were at home for the afternoon session class. Half-heartedly, I told my son that I need to go and leave him alone to meet the doc. If not, the “boss” will get mad if she can’t go to school in time, and it will ruin my day.

There goes my plan for today. No chance to read the news, blog hopping and play around with my new home wordpress.





4 responses

14 05 2007

well, i am sure there will be other times to blog hop… hope your son recovers soon…


Nora said: Thank you.

15 05 2007

Dearest Anon,
I pray that he will be well in no time. Catch with you soon
Nora said: I’m touched sis. Thank you

16 05 2007
Mat Salo

Salaaam Pok!
Bawak pi kilinik mana Pok? Tak pi specialist apakenama Dr. Kelabit tu ke?
Hope he gets better, soon. Mind if I ask besar mana?
Teringat juga nak migrate2 nih.. to wordpress laa 😉 tapi tak reti. Ez ke Pok to transfer everything? Atau ada benda terciicir… 🙂
I love the look of this layout Pok. Cerita you pos ni sedih, tapi fast-paced mcm suspense novel Pok… Salaam, hope to meet up in June? Insya’Allah.


Nora said: Kat klinik Dr Arif. Specialist yang you maksudkan maybe is Dr. Philip Raja just opposite the Jln. Bintang school. My son is in standard six, and feeling better now. Kapeh pok… all in all medication cost RM110.

Pasal migrate and transfering blogspot post tu, very easy lah pok. All can be done by a click of a mouse. WordPress ada program to do tat.

16 05 2007

Buddy I have been trying to shake off a cough (I swear it was caused by my forced switch to another tobacco brand…BAT gave up dealership of Blend 11). Then out of the blues I get an email from a friend, titled: getting rid of night cough. Rub Vicks VaporRub on the sole of feet….yes lah sole of feet….pull socks over. I did it, peaceful coughless night. Passed it to my daughter in Bahamas and she too said it worked for grandson Ryan. Go get the vaporRub for junior…..NOW. Ta ta buddy…….I am drooling because I will miss the Miri Jazz Festival. Hoi, vibrator Mat above.


Nora said: Bro,
Yes it works. Thanks for dropping by. Forgot to tell you tat I had move, but I know you can always track me down. Ha.. ha.. ha 😉

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