My New cyber base……

13 05 2007

Phew……… Just finish importing all my stuff from my old blog. So will make a new start here.



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13 05 2007

Hi Clemfour… why the migration? Everyone seems to be moving here eh… guess i have to change my RSS feed to your blog now…

Nora: Hi zewt, so nice of you to drop by. Why the migration? Hemmmm Oh like to try on new platform. 😉

14 05 2007


Muahaahahaha muahahahaha…..


Nora said: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… 😉

15 05 2007

Aiyoyo, AFM,
Now everybody wants to go WORDPRESS ka?
Welcome to the club, bro.
Btw I did some tweaking tonight (3 hours plus) and had to change the theme to get where I am so far. Still got to put the damn poster on the sidebar but am unable yet. Got to resize, I think. Anywayz, still not satisfied till I get it exactly right or perfect, whichever comes first.
P.S. Not all themes available are ‘widget-aware’ unless you get real techy and go into the codes or syntax stuff (huh!).
P.P.S. What? You also moderating ka? WordPress got some ‘cooooool’ stuff for this section. Check it out, bro.


Nora said: Thank for dropping by. Shyss.sss.sss I’m hiding from blogspot. If you need help to put the logo cud give you a hand.

24 05 2007
J's Blog

Great post – just got started in blogging recently.

Nora said: Thanks 🙂

28 05 2007

Keep it up………

Nora said:Thanks dude 🙂

16 07 2007

Happy “house moving” bro. Nice. Weren’t you housed at WordPress previously?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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