Wat say Tokoh Wartawan?

5 05 2007

Update: Zainuddin Proposes Classification Of Web Bloggers
Class registration

Now that NUJ is strongly for the formation of All-Blogs, I wonder what will be our latest Tokoh Wartawan says on these. This is the second time Norila Mohd Daud the president of National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said about All-Blogs. First was during the world press freedom day and the latest was yesterday at the world Press Freedom Day 2007 forum as reported by the star today.

Saturday May 5, 2007
NUJ backs bloggers alliance
PETALING JAYA: The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) supports the formation of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs), said its president Norila Mohd Daud.

She was speaking at the World Press Freedom Day 2007 forum Bloggers: New Breed of Journalists or Online Journal Keepers? at Menara Star here.

“It shows their seriousness in carrying out responsible blogging,” she said in an interview later.

The NUJ also supported All-Blogs because it cared about press freedom and issues pertinent to nation-building, she said.

A group of bloggers met last month to form All-Blogs and the drafting of its constitution would be finalised for submission to the Registrar of Societies, said its pro tem vice-president Jeff Ooi.

Forum speaker Ooi said bloggers have not elected themselves as journalists but may have broken news by accident.

He said that according to Technorati, which tracks 55 million bloggers worldwide, only a minority of bloggers addressed current issues.

The most blogged topic was food, followed by technology, politics and subsequently public relations, he said.

The progress of ICT had changed the way people got their news, no longer only from newspapers but also online, PDAs and mobile phones, said Ooi.

Another panel speaker, human rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz, said bloggers played a critical role in nation-building by providing valuable information on how things worked.

Freedom of expression, however, did not mean one could go around slandering others, Malik said.

Star Online editor Raslan Sharif said that while journalists and bloggers had a role to play in bringing up important issues that affect society, the public also needs to be more involved.
“The people need to rediscover their voice,” he said.


Have a wonderful week end friends,




16 responses

5 05 2007

that’s how a thinking journalist should be speaking and talking. norila holds her own. that is good. i’ll remember to say syabbas to her the next time i meet her.
adios, bro.

5 05 2007

Just hope all turn out well for you bloggers.
Unity has no two roads..only one road…one objectives…one show of strength through powerful leadership.

8 05 2007

Man, blogging is hard work.

I want to be classified as a weekend blogger.

Weekdays, I comment as usual. Kan ah?

8 05 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

nuraina: Yes, tat sud be the way sis.

monty: With God will, all will turn out well for bloggers

shar: You can’t shar, cos if you do tat dah jadi ZAM ZAM ala ka ZAM!!!

8 05 2007

Dearest Anon,

You are back! He he he he …. me so happy!

8 05 2007
Nora a.k.a Anon Fm. Miri

Me happy too to see your new look at your blog

8 05 2007


You have a clone blog sister by the name of ‘Nora’ ah?

Naughty boy/girl.

Anywayz, looks like everybody’s sprucing up their blogs e.g. you, Rocky (now got colours, man) and of course, our darling Elviza (dapat cincin baru, beb).

Will tweak mine this weekend coz I still got to put up my blogger badge and BU logo. Current theme not fully customizable, so, maybe have to change.

Cheers, bro.

9 05 2007

Dearest Shar,

Hey, that s not cincin baru lah…those are our wedding bands. We snapped the pictures during our honeymoon. The only cincin baru I got nowadays are those I bought myself. Huaaaaa…..!

And no, you cannot be weekend blogger. Must be full time blogger. What are you raving about? Off to click you.

Rocky accidentally ditch me on his blog last weekend after the spruce up. I texted him in no time demanding reasons. The poor man.

9 05 2007


Am confused. Under which posting did Z do it? I can’t find his comment relating to your request.

Cheers, bro.

9 05 2007
Anon Fm. Miri a.k.a Nora

elviza: Yes have the same opinion wef you.

shar: Ok will give you the link here.

9 05 2007
Mat Salo

It’s OK Pok, always a next time. Sorry to hear your conference canX…

What’s this? Manyak blooger undergoing facelifts Ooo. So glad shar has come out of his gender crisis…

Anyway, good to hear you out of Hibernation. Now got semangat…

9 05 2007
Anon Fm. Miri a.k.a Nora

Pok, baru aja mok masuk over drive dah macam2 hal datang. Sik abis2 sidak sitok ngan org tua babo tu eh. TST ya…. kelak kamek update pok.

10 05 2007

Anon f Miri…did I make a boo-boo over Nora? Good to have u back. I will hound OBE if he turns week-end blogger…or I will get Hantu to do s wasabe drop on him.

11 05 2007
Anon Fm. Miri a.k.a Nora

Yes bro zorro, you better do tat if OBE turns to week-end blogger

11 05 2007

Great. For 4 beers at rm10, everybody becomes a weekend blogger in Miri.

And Elviza gets to change her header image again this week. That’s 3 in a row.

Wonder if AirAsia still have that rm9.99 flights…oooh I forgot they gave up on social services.

13 05 2007

Yes yes yes Shar dear, guilty as charged. And as truly really typical of me, after so many changes, I stick to the old template. I need SERIOUS HELP!!!p/s sorry to hog your space Anon 🙂

Nora: No problem sis

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