Hibernation done………..

4 05 2007

Finally, shar101 become a MAN not false one. Betul-betul ORI bukan cetak rompak. OBE blog is hosted at wordpress.com. So my hiatus in blogosphere is over but my brother Sheih’s blog is under attack.

Welcome to the blogosphere shar101. And not forgetting happy belated birthday to sister bloger Elviza and welcome back after a short hiatus.

Bro Zorro, thanks for the emails and pictures (you almost un-mask me ha ha ha ha). Bro Mat salo, rancangan mok gi Banjar hancus Pok. Conference differ. Received last minutes notice tek. Hard luck Pok. So now beperap ngan blog lah.
To all my friends out there, thank you for droping by during my “hiatus”. Very sorry for not replying to all the comments.





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5 05 2007

Anon: Apa khabar? How are you? I am glad you are back from your hiatus.
Selain daripada Anon, yang ber-hiatus Elviza. And then, Clark Gable sudah pencen.

I have to check Shar101. The last I checked, he was still fiddling with his keyboard and finding a dozen excuses not to proceed. Dia macam kena sampok. bila comment in other people’s blogs, hebat sungguh. bila nak start blogging, terus otak dan tangan beku.
s i g h….

5 05 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Kabar baik Kak Aina,

Cuma sebok dengan anak saudara baru. Same bd wef Elviza but only 3 days old.

For shar101, may be belum bersedia untuk berdepan dengan “virtual riots” yang tak berkesudahan.

Thanks for droping by sis.

8 05 2007

Aha! You guyz talking behind my back again, I see.

Yo AFM, so what’s a ‘balid’? Uhh…on second thought, I don’t think I wanna know.

Thanks for dropping by at OBE. I’m honoured, bro. Between mugs of beer and phone charges to Miri, I believe the latter will still be cheaper. You know very well Rocky and I won’t be discussing the technical details of wordpress widgets as soon as beers are placed in our hands. hehe

Will do my best to chug along tapi kalau betul-betul desperate, will take up on your offer.

Cheers, bro.

8 05 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Bro shar,

Thanks for droping. Any way, balid is back to or “menjadi semula”. Hi.. Hi.. Hi..

9 05 2007

tulislah tentang miri dan kehidupan di sana

9 05 2007
Anon Fm. Miri a.k.a Nora

Hi queenb,

Thank you for coming by… for your request, here have a virtual tour of miri


10 05 2007

I want to go to Miri….can you get 3 beers for RM10? Shar, u join me and we forget about blogging week-days!!!

11 05 2007
Anon Fm. Miri a.k.a Nora

You are welcome to Miri anytime brother zorro. Can’t get 3 beers for RM10 now but…… 4 for RM10 adalah.

13 05 2007

Okay okay Anon, pssssstttt, dont tell anyone okay????? Promise??? Those who are born on May 3rd ARE GREAT!!! Muahahahahaha MuahahahahahahThank you Brother!

Nora: He...he...he ;) You are welcome

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