Hiatus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 04 2007

Will be away for a couple of days/weeks or months. Hopefully just days lah. Well if our paths ever cross we shall meet again in these blogosphere. Will be checking my email once a while when ever there is internet connection.





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22 04 2007

The journey now, my friend…is whether is All Blogs heading the right direction? Go to Susan’s site..read a hot debate on this issue by Susan against Big Dog and a voice and leave your comments.
As always…my best regards to you.

23 04 2007

Dearest Anon,

I wonder where have you been, I thought if you didnt reply to my comment, I ll text you today.

Tengok2 you put up this hiatus thing. I am sure you got to do something important. Well, take care and see ya soon

25 04 2007

What’s going on?

Everybody is going on a hiatus.

Aisehman just got back from his. Jun-E is on one now.

Mat Salo? 7 week hiatus?

Good time to go, I guess, with all the virtual rioting going on….(not Ijok lah. The other one at Sloone).

FL2020 would say..Hahhahahhahaha! The internet rocks….

25 04 2007

hey, kinda embarassed to find my blog on ur roll, but nice to be regarded as a friend; keep me posted on bloggers’ meet lah!

29 04 2007

Hey, AFM, taking haitus, is one thing, playing truant is another. Anyway, if you are tired of what Shar1o1 aptly calls the virtual riot, that is going on, a haitus is in order….but come back rejuvenated, huh?

30 04 2007

Ground control to space vehicle AFM.

We have a window open for you for re-entry.

Please make your descent at 00.00hrs GMT at latitude 78 degree by longitude 196 degree.

Miri ground crew will be on standing by at 23.00hrs.

Your favorite nurses, Tiffany and Raquel, will also be there.

Please ensure that you maintain nose wheel off runway on landing as we need you to hit the ‘X’ mark set at 500 metres. That’s where we’re gonna tie down Monsterball. The runway lights will be switched off but four halogen spotties will highlight the target.

Have a safe flight and kindly fasten your seatbelt, please.

*No confirmation needed as this is a blog generated message*

30 04 2007

For you in-flight safety, will MU fans please sit on the right of aisle and Inter Milan on the left. Thanks for your co-operation. But do expect slight turbulence on re-entry.
Shar you are on haitus from NASA?

2 05 2007


Take care

2 05 2007

Look at that lean and hungry look shar101 talk again! Just full of shit..and ignoring his promise to start his own blog…but here speaking the style we all know best…showing off how smart he is.
This thick skin and bones braggard
is out to instigate the usual two more ….making them the real three stooges of Malaysia.

4 05 2007
bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca

Berapa lama hiatus daa…

aku hari2 mai sini kot2 hang ada update pasal aku nak boh dalam Malaysiakita.

Tengok2 hiatus memanjang…

5 05 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

To all my friends,

You are all wonderful and will always be near my heart.

Thank you.

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