Shar101……..mana janji mu

12 04 2007
Dear shar101,

Today it has been almost one week since we last met. So how are you getting on with the setting of your blog? So far the results of the scanning of the new strain virus of NAB by the 286AT machine only showed this for shar101

I understand that Mr. CGOPD and his surgeon friend had successfully done the sexual transplant for you, so that this new strain of NAB virus will be undetected by the old machine.

But wait…… you forgot that Mat Salo had help me to build a cluster machine of 286AT and the Intel Core 2. Finally I got a much better result and image.

So how brother? Don’t tell me you need two more NAB meeting to start your blog. A voice is waiting for you at SOPO Sentral of Malaysia.

Very interesting brother. Sheih going to Kelantan and Amin Iskandar is back in “bolehland“. Do enjoy the farewell gathering tonight and warm regards to our friends there.


Anon. Fm Miri




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13 04 2007

Dear Anon,

Oh dont tease Shar101 on my fault. He is a man true and true!

He hehe, yah Shar, where is your blog? I am waiting too

13 04 2007

Thanks AFM,

That’s my best profile shot.

With Mat Salo’s ingenuity manipulating his cams plus a very powerful flash unit attached, you can actually see the brilliant sheen bouncing off my forehead.

Very perceptive of you to notice my two-finger request for two more NAB exco meetings before launching OBE but knowing the prez, Rocky would quietly ‘announce’ the fourth exco meeting next week to paint me into a corner.

And Elviza, my dear, so nice of you to come to my defence on my gender origin though I would be rather cautious in future when bumping into CGOPD. He might change his mind and do a quick reverse transplant on me at Tuesday’s Mee Rebus or in the NPC toilet during our weekly beer bonding session. He knows what I look like while I don’t have a clue about him.

Cheers, sis and bro.

14 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

elviza: Not teasing shar101, just wanna to jog his memory. See you also waiting for the OBE blog.

Shar101 : I shall wait for the day my friend.


17 04 2007

hi anon…Zorro and I were togather for few hours. His laptop crashed and my desk top..cannot get into your site! All okay now.
Remember what Julius Caesar said…’Beware the lean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous”
Take care!

17 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Hi Bro monsterball,

Nice of you to drop by. Pity Zorro he sure to have a hard time with unstable system. Yeap, I was working around with the router preparing for a secure connection for a new task.


20 04 2007
Mat Salo

Ehek-ehek…LOL! I’m lolling on the floor..cannot tahan shar’s comments…hehee…

Am possibly meeting up with tokasid and CG tomorrow, to discuss about shar’s “makeover”…

20 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Yes Pok,
better do tat. In BTW send my regards to tokasid and CGOPD if you meet them. If I’ve time will try to be at the mee rebus session in one of these days

20 04 2007

Hey that’s the Malay Male on Shar’s left.

26 04 2007

Yes he is malay male!! Spoke to him for one hour. He is either a genuis or a wako…you choose…but I think he is real damn smart bloke. I like him.

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