KL here I come…….

4 04 2007

Less then 12hrs I will be crossing the South China Sea. Destination NPC KL. Where the hack is it? Well it’s not really a problem because most of my virtual friends are there to show me the direction (Hope so).




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5 04 2007


5 04 2007

You see…your SOUL PLANE shows you are a guinius..and all bloggers brothers and sisters in arm respect you so much now. You deserve it! May you all have a successful … fruitful meeting….and may your journey is safe….to and fro.
Bless you.

5 04 2007

Dear Anon, I have a free time from around 3.30 right up to the start of the meeting.

Would u like me to pick you up?

Please text me asap

5 04 2007

My fortune teller tells me ..in few hours more…you will be elected into high position of the bloggers new association.Can I congratulate you in advance?

6 04 2007

they didnt let me know 😦

hey… you’re in KL!

6 04 2007

Dear forester,

it was nice meeting u at NPC. Will get in touch with u after this. Much to learn from u.

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth, you would be known as the beloved Treebeard.

6 04 2007

Bro.. Sad for not having opportunity to meet you in person.
I’m working in T’ganu for the whole year (only 15 days rest). Far away from wife and son, little bit lonely here and less time for blogging.

Bloggers Unite..:)

6 04 2007

At least I saw your face in live expression and you can see mine from Jeff’s old post on his court case.
With us no more faceless to each other…next best hope is to meet each other in person one day.
Your continous quoting wise words whenever you notice something wrong at Sheih’s site with hints o both parties were always noted by me.
It is up to Sheih to apply better contol..not in the name of freedom to anyone who wants to rojak his site…especially from one who is a blog owner,
Enough of that and wish you all he best for a bright future.

2 04 2008
Crossing the South China Sea « Clemfour

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