Discovered by Rocky’s Bru

3 04 2007

Checkmate again dudes!!! After zorro, now the “One Million Hits Blogger” dropped by my cyber’s base camp. It’s an honour for me to be visited by Rocky’s Bru a.k.a. Ahirudin Attan, the pilot for my dream Soul Plane. Brother Rocky, thank you very very very much. Rain or shine, I will be with you. Malaysian Bloggers will always be united.





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3 04 2007
Rocky's Bru

ok, ok. anon fr miri. the three of us are here at the national press club. old blue eyes (aka shar 101), seri menanti (some say he is pasquale), and i. near midnight. and we were talking about anon fr miri. shar101 thinks you are damn good. he is telling us about how you started your blog and what you are trying to do.

see you thursday for the alliance meeting. in spirit.

3 04 2007
Rocky's Bru

according to shar101, you will be here for the alliance meeting!

4 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Brother Rocky, Shar101 might be wrong about me. I’m not tat good. Just an average men. By the way I received email from zorro today telling me tat the meeting is on the 15/04/07. Which is which now?

4 04 2007


Don’t be shy. You’re good. It’s 5th April’07 for the first Bloggers Alliance meeting at NPC 5.30pm to set up the pro-tem committee ..blah..blah

So did you miss your flight again? (According to what I read at Sheih’s)

P.S. Malaysian ‘chapters’ will be part of B.A. operation because it’s a national effort, not just K.L. folks. More later….

4 04 2007

Anon fm miri…Yes laughter is the best natural medicine to good health. It exercisea all the muzzles of your face and make you look young.In India and has become a popular exercise by religious organisations.
‘BLEESED TO GIVE THAN TO TAKE” said Jesus…and I always admire the real world welknown clowns and commediens whose proffession is solely to make others laugh…even though they maybe suffering from pain and aches.Jerry Lewis have been suffering from such pains and aches all his life..yet he never showed them …once on stage. Ofcourse the greatest of them all is non other than legendary Charlie Chaplin..who thrilled the whole word…educated or undeucated…smart or dum…same thrills he gave them all.It seems the Indians copied his style of acting plus keeping a moustach some 75 years ago and still do.
Rowan Atkinson…’Mr.Bean” is clooset to Charlie in acting.

4 04 2007

But your smiling poster is hinting the success of bloggers unity. I wish all of you the best. Thanks.

4 04 2007

Bro Anon. It is on the 5/4/2007. 5.30pm. Please join us bro.

By the way, this is my reply to your comment on my blog. Thanks bro.

Thank you My Bro Anon. Fr. Miri. We surely need your expertise there. I am trying to go deep into this. I am planning to bring as many bloggers themselves to Kelantan and Lojing. Without fear or favour, we are now the only source of the truth about our beloved country. Let’s challenge Sazmi and The PAS government of Kelantan to sit in a forum in front of all the participating bloggers and let us hear only facts and not rhetoric. Then we can pay Annuar Musa a visit! If he tries to leave the state, I will arrange for few of my friends to persuade him from leaving.

Dear Rocky, when I first live in Menara Duta, it was all about the greeneries and the inhabitant of the jungle. Still remember taking my kids for breakfast each weekend, the narrow road was always wet in the morning. It is very cooling. Secondary jungle was on theft and right. We could see monkeys, and hundred of them.

But one think about the narrow road in the secondary jungle were the butterflies. Thousand of them flying over the wet road. It was a sight, I regretted for not able to see it again today. All the jungle between Jalan Duta and Segambut has been cleared. Wonder now, if the species of those butterflies now extinct. And Rocky, yes, where do the monkeys go.

I know there are hundred of the new species now serving in the states, the country and even in the Parliament. Oh, there are also at least five monkeys (of the new kind) in the cabinet, or may be more?

4 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Ok brothers, rain or shine I will be there.


4 04 2007

Now I am sure whether you are coming or not….all of the misinformation and my old eyes.

4 04 2007
Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong

Dear Anon,
Hope to see you at the press club
and we can have tehtarek

4 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Sorry sis elviza,
Here your comment posted at 04 April 2007 13:50:00 o’clock MYT
Dearest Anon,

Whats your mobile? Mine in 019XXXXXXX.

Please call or text me. I have to attend the meeting early. I will there at 5. I have to leave by 6. So I want to meet you!

By some unfortunate luck, my cousin is getting married tomorrow and I have to be at the mosque during magrib prayer.

But I ll be there! 3540 Jalan Sudin will be there early too. Please see me before I leave.


4 04 2007

i gave NPC a miss and no one invite me to go anymore :(….

5 04 2007

Dear Zewt,

Dont be like that my friend, we are all welcome according to Rocky. I really want to see you. Oh,I am sorry about your recent loss. Hope you are doing okay

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