Happiness is Voyage

2 04 2007

Zorro my virtual friend send me a nice email again today. At the end of the attachment this questions were put forward. “So what have you decided? Trash this or send it?” Neither Trash nor send the attachment, I decided to post it here so that other bloggers and visitors could read it and ponder on it.

Thanks again brother.




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2 04 2007

Dear Anon,

Talking about virtual friends, today I met some of my virtual friends and they have definitely enriched my life.

I was in awe when I saw Zorro. He is everything I ever imagined. He is larger than life. I am so happy to be associated with him. So much so that I gave him a bear hug before we parted.

What am I doing writing a long comment here, I ll write about today in my blog. Hopefully tomorrow.

But again, this posting of yours touches the depth of my soul. So touched. Off to sleep with my Luqman and wishing that he never leaves home. Well, that’s a bit unrealisitic tough.

I hope to meet you one day Anon even if I have to fly to Miri. I ll bring my entire bandwagon with me – my husband, my mother, my mother in law, my domestic helper Sue and of course Luqman. Then we can tour Miri….

Hopefully it comes true one day. Good night Anon.

3 04 2007
Rocky's Bru

Anon fr Miri,
Elviza met me a little while ago but this morning she met with some of the bloggers who’ve been walking with me. I heard her said after the post-hearing teh tarik: “Kak Ena, I have never stayed back this long after a court case.” We talked about blogging and life in general. Zorro was there, too, and yes we talked about you.


3 04 2007

anon fm miri…Have a life that is useful and at the end of everyday ..you think back..that it was spent meeting daily challenges with a positive and happy mind….even if you suffered for it…so that others can be safe happy and well. ‘Blssed to give than to take’…WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING.

3 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Sis elviza: You are most welcome to Miri. Just let me know.

Bro Rocky: THANK YOU.

monsterball: Glad you have the wonderful feeling.

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