Today is 1st of April

1 04 2007

This morning I received an email from zorro. Would Like to share the content of the email with Clemfour visitors here. Hope zorro wouldn’t mind after I reserved this seat for him.

Click on the image below to have a look.

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Have a nice day, and will be back later.




7 responses

1 04 2007

Thanks for the seat. I made a comment on reading your 27 March posting. Revisiting this post of 1st April, and looking at that reserved seat, yes I think that thing on the fight and within reach is actually a beer dispenser. Man, you really care for details. Cheers lah.

1 04 2007

There you see anon fm miri…even zorro ..a sharp successful ex teacher realised your smart and detailed soul plane. Frankly speaking…this is the best I have seen from you all these months. Keep it up!
Have you been so famous like ROCKY….you would have all bloggers and few commenters to put a positive messages.
Don’t worry…zorro or rocky should hightlight your trully sincere style of unity.
Sheih is busy talking Kelantan stuff…leave him alone.

2 04 2007

i think i have got a seat too…. 😛

2 04 2007

Zorro forgot ..this is a Muslim Soul Plane….NO BEERS ALLOWED!!

2 04 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Correction monsterball, this is a Multi racial and religion Soul Plane. So BEERS still allowed. Of cause Zewt you have the seat there. And zorro thanks for the compliment, you too monsterball.


4 04 2007

Ah so… multi racial soul plane….that’s nice…then where is your manners. WHY NO BEER FOR ZORRO???

4 04 2007

zorro must be searching and searching for beer before he made his comment.I for one….use my new pair of young eyes too look with magnefying glass….also saw no beer.
Maybe still at the back……..not unpacked yet?
Anyway….beer is confirmed allowed….all goes well.

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