A long distant call from China…..

27 03 2007

After a short online chat with sister Marina this morning (Bon voyage and safe return sis), I received a long distant call from an ambassador who’s working in Beijing, China. This is the third call I received from him this year. As a freelance who had just finished clearing all the outstanding tasks, and now back to the normal “jobless” blogger, it’s a checkmate dude! What good explanation I can come out with now for not coming to meet him there?
Maybe I should tell him I’ll be there if I could travel in the soul plane. I would love the plane like the one in my dreams.

Yeap… more or less like this…….

Here is for the pilot Sheih and Rocky’s Bru

Here is the sit for Clemfour visitors

Meeting place for the “jobless” blogger

Dining place

Resting place for BigDog and Zewt

Siesta place for Zorro

The wash room

Here of course, for all my sister bloggers

THIS only one person so far qualified!!!

Would it be nice if all the “jobless” bloggers can have the experience to travel in comfort to meet friends?





13 responses

28 03 2007

hah! i think i can make do with such a place like that 🙂

thank you my friend for your words of comfort. without you guys, i dont think i will be able to pull through last week. julia has also been great support.

jobless bloggers huh… well, i wish i can become one… 🙂

29 03 2007
Mat Salo

Can we dream of ever experiencing such ostentatiousness? Dunno, I guess the opreative word is’dream’, so dream only can-lah. Thanks for the diversion.. he.. jobless blogger? Bukan ke bloggers to slightly below Mat Rem-pit? (according to gormen ler)

29 03 2007

anon frm miri…That is a very nice dream to see all bloggers are so united in comfort and style.The only one qualified for that comfortable bed..all by himself…if that dream do materialised is none other than you.
May your dream comes true.

30 03 2007

Dearest Anon,

I looovvvvee the poster you put up. I just email it to my husband. He’s not pleased, as expected.

thanks for the thoughts of reserving such a nice place for sister bloggers. You re the best!

30 03 2007

I look at the photos and want to laugh at your smart smart hints..hahahaha
Seriously…Sheih and Rocky ..LEADERS OF THE BLOGS!! wow
hahahaha..zorro all alone…contended with beers..and his well deserved rest to get sheih and rocky together? Like to be alone?
And ladies bloggers…so nice and cozy…that you already got one to thank you already.
Mine mine mine…so nice for us commenters place…shows how much you respect the needs of commenters to make bloggers succeed.
Last but not least…hahahaha..Big dog and zwet…alone together…hahahaha
Seriously…anon frm miri..You are able to read characters from writings.
I hope that last sleeeping place IS FOR YOU…NOT ME….hahahahaha

30 03 2007

Can’t Rocky pilot the plane alone? Mind can put on Auto Pilot. Because if I piloted the plane, it will surely crash because I will all the time thinking how fun it is at the back. Jadi waiter pun atau steward pun takpa le janji boleh dok sama -sama kat belakang.

30 03 2007

okay anon…Spell it out! Last bed ..only one person qualified…who are you thinking?
It is your excellent idea…no need ask anyone…you be honest and spell it out.
I have a strange feeling that is for me…a some sort of a prisoNer in your soceity…ODD MAN OUT? How cruel you are!!.hahahahaha

31 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Zewt : You’re welcome.

mat salo: yes we all can fly with comfort in the real world. Once you experience it you will do it again and again.

elviza: well tat’s men ego. Sure they will not be pleased. Sister bloggers deserves such treatment.

sheih: The Convention of International Civil Aviation, International Standards stated that the soul plane must have two pilots. Nice try bro.

monsterball: well you are the wise one so reserved for you lah, then can become Nap-olean ha..ha..ha.

1 04 2007

I do not know whether to take that as a compliment or a reminder of something.
My wisedom is from growing old .reading…thinking…do good…do not do bad.
Your wisedom……so young…where did it come from?
Only sensible answer….God gifted again.
So asking me to take a long nap…is indirectly telling me to say less eh?
Putting ‘olean’ to the nap..is also telling me to take a nap..not like Napolean…a dictator.
Wow…you are are genius!!
I surrender…YOU BLOGGERS WIN!!

1 04 2007

wisdom…wisdom..sorry so many silly mistakes…but as long as you understand my message…who cares…I am a Malaysian speaking English lah…hahahaha

1 04 2007

Thanks for the reserved seat. Does it come with a massager. One thing missing though and you might want your ID guy to add that in….a beer dispenser withing reach when in reclining and declining state. However all lady bloggers to use it before we have a mini-mount-elviza eruption. Thanks again and and glad you posted the beer bit;hope that our lady bloggers get the message.

1 04 2007

hahahahah..zorro do not realise this is a soul plane catering for muslims needs and wants. NO BEER ALLOWED lah!!
anon is also hinting to zorro…drink less…yes…that’s a bed cum massage …most expensive bed…especially for zorro…to tell him..cut down his drinks..watch tv…go to sleep for his health…. anon frm miri…you trully is a kind hearted soul!
But I don’t like you..if that last old looking bed is for me and next to all the lady bloggers. Do you want me to die faster??

21 05 2007
Happy 1 year Anniversary Rocky's Bru « Clemfour

[…] and today Rocky’s Bru Blog is One year old. Happy anniversary Bro. Rocky. Together with the rest of the bloggers, we move […]

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