Online friends

13 03 2007
Dearest friend,

What a great day…… Finally manage to change from a 2 column to 3 column template. What a relief.. So just a minor touch left. Luckily it is a school break so have more time with the PC.

Guess what happened this afternoon. It was an honour for me to be online with sister MarinaM of RantingsbyMM. Even though I had not meet her in the real world, but she really light up my day.

Again as I was going thru the other old 286AT machine (Yes Zewt, I’ve 2 units running) I got this from a friend…I got this minutes before I log off from that computer. It hit a nerve then and when I read my friends email…it triggered the tears.

Online friends are people we may never meet….
We see pictures, we see cams…It isn’t the same….
We grow close…We care and love one another….
One day we may not hear from one another….
Our hearts will break…
All we see is a name on messenger
but the person we don’t see anymore…..
We pray…..”Please come back”….
All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had…..
Keep me close to your heart….

Friends forever…

Pass this on to all your friends….
If I get comment on this entry….
I know you care .



7 responses

13 03 2007

Dearest Bro,

Cyber friendship is a beautiful bonding. It is very unique in certain sense because it is a blend of perfection and also reality. It is more beautiful if we never know how the other person on the other “site” looks like, the less we know, the more interesting he become.

14 03 2007

dear Anon,

friendship, cyber or otherwise, is a powerful thing…..

14 03 2007

Hi Anon, so so true, the words on this slideshow. Wish more people would count to 1000…

Thanks a lot!

14 03 2007

Anon…you are been visited by three respectable bloggers. You are getting famous!!

14 03 2007

Dear Anon,

I am leaving you a comment because I care… 🙂

15 03 2007

well, as long as they serve you according to your needs… i guess it’s fine. 🙂

17 03 2007

Hi Anon

I do not own a blog, but I do visit many blogs, and yours is none of them.

Am here to say I care.

Have a good weekend.


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