Congratulation LAH ;-)

13 03 2007

PUTRAJAYA, March 12 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Monday became the first recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Global Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding global leadership .

The president of the foundation, James Oleson conferred the award, a medal, to Abdullah at the Napoleon Hill International Convention 2007 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, here.

Foundation chairman Dr Charles Johnson said the award was to recognise outstanding global leadership and Abdullah had shown his dedication to the country’s development.

“The prime minister has shown dedicated service for Malaysia’s socio-economic development,” said Dr Johnson in a message was read by Oleson.

Abdullah said he was overwhelmed and accepted the award humbly.

Do I deserve this,” he asked in his acceptance speech and the floor responded with “Of course”.

The prime minister said he would not be what he was today without the support of Malaysians who were willing to work with him and not for him.

Napoleon Hill foundation is a non-profit educational institution based in the United States and dedicated to promote Napoleon’s philosophy of making the world a better place to live in.

Dr Hill is regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of the century and his works have inspired millions worldwide to achieve greater success for themselves.

Abdullah said he was confident Malaysians would work with him to achieve what was best for themselves and for their country.

“Occasionally it may seem that we are not making much headway. Sometimes there will be setbacks.

“Transforming a nation and its people is never easy. It takes passion and perseverance. I know that my fellow citizens share this passion and perseverance with me,” he said.

Abdullah said the government’s policies of integration and inclusion would remain fundamental to their political and social strategies.

“Shared prosperity and equitable development in a competitive environment will also remain the bedrock of our economic policies,” he said when touching on the country’s multi-racial social contract.

He said there was no doubt that the government must improve their policies and prevent excesses in their implementation.

“Ultimately, it is our spirit, our faith and our values that will determine whether Malaysia and Malaysians can rank among the best in the world.

“I have every confidence that we have what it takes. But we must work hard, very, very hard, as Napoleon Hill would no doubt counsel us. In this, we will have our faiths and our values to guide us,” he said.

Abdullah also touched on the country’s National Mission, human capital development, public delivery system and Islam Hadhari.




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14 03 2007


This year, April fool comes early for Malaysian.

Something fishy LAH. Perhaps we should do same checking on this award and maybe we may uncovered a trillion dollar scandal behind it.

How can one person sleeping to an Award?

Anyway, congrats LAH. If you deserved it then you deserve it.

14 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Bro Sheih,

Yeaaaappp.. Was looking high and low in the net when did they first start to give the award. Seem it’s a new category, or should I say a new type of award. That’s why the reporter said ”the first recipient”

14 03 2007

Looking on a positive side….lets congratulate him lah.
Simultanously…our double badminton players just won the All England Doubles championship medals.
So good things do come in doubles…so are bad luck!!

15 03 2007


I went to the Napolean Hill website and guess what is the address?

He he he

NAP HILL muahahaahahaha

Is that a hill where people go to take a nap?

17 03 2007

“Ultimately, it is our spirit, our faith and our values that will determine whether Malaysia and Malaysians can rank among the best in the world.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, you hope LAH!!

Or should I say Fat hope LAH.

Under your zzzzzzzzzz Administration, the country is going down the drain and to the dogs!

Go On LAH… carry on with your “mimpi” di malam hari, di siang hari, setiap hari dan had hari hari!


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