You are what you are..

4 03 2007
Especially to all my friends (old, new and future), be it in the cyber or the real world, here’s for you all to enjoy..

Wishing all of you a nice and bautiful day.





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5 03 2007

nice one… i definitely need that, been chasing the wrong things for a while now…

5 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Thanks zewt,
hopefully you will find one soon.

5 03 2007

beautiful,anon…. so beautiful.

5 03 2007


Alangkah indahnya jika kita tidak dipisahkan oleh lautan cina sletan. Alangkah indahnya kalau dapat kita bentangkan sungai rejang sebagai jembatan penghubung kita. Namun buat masa kini, kita tetap tidak dapat dipisahkan dari dunia siber.

Salam rindu dari kejauhan dari saudaramu,


6 03 2007

Yes Anon….nice piece of joy and purpose in live….so meaninful to live everyday doing things to see others happy and well….that I sometimes do feel it is God’s way also blessing the givers than the takers. Givers of happiness to others enjoy the special feelings…that’s reward enough to these kind souls.
if you do not beleive me…try it..not neccessary must involve money only…..but by advising…. or lending a pair of sincere ears to listen and talk to the grievers…by physical gotong royong helping to plant or move something…sweating together with a being a true friend in need when needs are needed. Do all these and many more…you will enjoy same blessed feelings.

6 03 2007

hi anon,

thanks for alerting me to the error on my blog roll. i hv fixed that.


6 03 2007

Dearest Anon,

Beautiful poem, gave me a little nudge this morning – been to busy with work.

Hi Monsterball 🙂

7 03 2007

Anon..You should say..”the computer keyboard is mighteir than the sword”…otherwise can be mistaken as musical keyboards or any other keyboards.
What say you?

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