Restaurant Surabaya

25 02 2007
Hazik Grandson in KL
Today is the first time in 2007, bringing out the whole family members for dinner. Most of the time not all are at home. Well it was fun to do it once in a while. A dinner for nine persons only cost RM50+. Not bad. Wud love to recommend friends to go there. Especially to those who like Javanese foods



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26 02 2007

your kid?

27 02 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Hi zewt,
Tks for droping by again. This one is one of my grandson who’s living in KL. Been sometimes already not visiting them.

28 02 2007

you have a grandson?

sorry, forgot to say hello first.
Hello, Anon Fm Miri.
You have a grandson?
How many more grandchildren are here?

Anyway when you’re in KL,get in touch with us…


1 03 2007


You never like me know that you have a blog! Hey, welcome to the blogsphere.

Your blog is now blessed by kickdefella and friends, (including Monsterball) he he he!



1 03 2007


Thanks for the blogroll. I am honoured.

Anyway, how old is grandson? He looks about my son’s age. Luqman is 10 month old. Anyway, your grandson is cute….

1 03 2007

YIP!! Bless you anon.frm.miri.
Congratulations for setting your own blog and Sheih should tag you…not me..hahahaha
WOW……..I love seeing your family photos…..those lovely kids. I used to tell myself….when I grow old and lonely..I should pick up all unwanted babies and start an ophanage home…but gave up the idea as divorcing seems to occupy my life…..hahahaha That’s destiny friend.
But my dream did come true with two monks….one from India and another started their ophanage homes with my help……now having hundreds of children of all races and best of all…recognised…respected and financially sound.My India monk children’s home is in Ladakh..near Butan and other small countries there…very cold and I need to sleep in hotel room for two nights before geting used to the high mountain range climate….or else you will get sick….giddy and vomit all the time.
Then watching my children and grands..maybe age caught me up…..just cannot stand those NOISES and like monkies….jumping here and there……so playful and lively. Children noticed my moods and complied. They know how difficult and serious one needs to be good father.
Still lonely…best replacements…now have 9 the saying goes ‘A dog is the man’s best friend”
By the way….Sheih my Commander told me about your site.Thanks.

2 03 2007

anon.frm miri….kickdefella is spelt with one ‘f’ not two. Thought you like to know.

2 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Sis Aina: Lost count on the #.

Bro Sheih: I’m honored.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Bro Monsterball: You are another true cyber buddy. Tks for the typo alert.

2 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri


You are welcome. He’s 7 months old.

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