Morning with Boss

23 02 2007

Getting ready to go to the hospital for follow up..
Found interesting site today. Blogger Tips and Tricks so still trying to digest it. Ha hahahha



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24 02 2007

Apa Khabar? Kenapa nak pergi hospital? Siapa sakit?

Apapun Terima kasih kerana singgah ke blog saya.

Saya tidak pernah ke Miri, hanya sempat ke Bintulu sahaja. Jadi ceritakan pada saya tentang Miri…

24 02 2007

anon fm miri,

thank u for droppin by…

24 02 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Bro mulah: Alhamdullilah baik-baik sahaja. Orang rumah just recover from concussion few days ago. Jadi kena pergi untuk follow-up lah. Sekarang dah ok.

Tentang Miri, kalau dulu sebelum jadi bandaraya, orang akan mengatakan TRAFFIC JAM bila kita sedang memandu dijalan raya dengan sepuluh kereta dihadapan. Will write something about Miri for you later on.

Salam dari Miri bro.

24 02 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Sis nuraina: You are welcome sis. You have a nice blog and I love your “Tuesdays With Bapak”. If you happen to be in Miri in the near future, let me know.


24 02 2007


i hope the orang rumah is fine…
take of yourself so that you can take care of her,ok?
i have been to sarawak… but only to kuching.
next time, if i go to miri, i will inform you.
some time in the 80s, my younger sister, Azah, stayed there because her (now ex) husband who was a pilot with Malaysia Airlines was based there.
at that time, she said Miri was very quiet. Ramai orang Brunei went over to shop and have fun.
You can tell me more.
By the way, anon, who is that sweet girl in the photo. And is the one partly hidden the orang rumah?

2 03 2007
Anon. Fm Miri

Sis Aina,
The sweet girl is my BOSS. The youngest child still standard 2. Yes tat true.

14 05 2007
What a hectic day!!!!! « Clemfour

[…] Half-heartedly, I told my son that I need to go and leave him alone to meet the doc. If not, the “boss” will get mad if she can’t go to school in time, and it will ruin my […]

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