Salam Aidilfitri

9 09 2010

Life is getting tougher …

16 05 2010

When you used to have someone who understands how you feel, you don’t like being left alone. So it’s time for me to move forward and man enough to forgive. After all there’s a saying

“If you love something,

set it free,

if it’s yours it will come back to you,

if not it never was”.


Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung, Salahkan Bapa Yang Menyorong….

8 05 2010

Ya Allah,

isteri ku adalah seorang ibu yang cantik, kuat, sabar dan saya menyayanginya. Kau tingkatkanlah kehidupan nya dengan rezeki yang berkat, kau rahmatilah setiap langkahnya dalam mencari rezeki keluarga.

Kau bersihkanlah hatinya.. kau kuatkanlah imannya… kau peliharakanlah dia dari fitnah .

Amin Ya Rabbilalamin..


TV3 oh TV3….

4 04 2009

Well TV3 plzzzzzzzz get the name right… It’s not Batang Air. The name is Batang Ai. So no more letter “R”.

Streamyx…oh streamyx

20 11 2008

DANG!!!!!!!!!!! The whole day my streamyx connection is down. Luckily I still have my 3G broadband connection still active. But speed still slow

Hope it will be up soon.

Busy with new “toy”

5 11 2008

It was a long time I had not update clemfour…..  Well was busy with the new toy that I acquired. Was really fun with this new hobby. So, on the 3rd Nov ’08, we had a Miri mini GG organised by stay who’s one of the Valued Contributor of Malsingmaps. Was really fun to meet new friends.  



Pic. courtesy of stay

More writeup and pics  here


Another “CRAB” from Consumer Affairs Minister??

8 09 2008

After reading the news from star online, why sud it be stop……. Tis is crab men!!!!!!

Sunday September 7, 2008 MYT 8:20:15 PM

Shahrir: Don’t give petrol as a prize


JOHOR BARU: Private companies have been requested to stop giving out petrol as a contest prize as it was subsidised by the Government.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said although he understood the rationale behind the prize, petrol was not a suitable gift when companies were trying to promote their products.

“I hope that the oil and car companies will stop giving out free petrol as each litre of petrol is subsidised with money from taxpayers,” he told reporters after handing out bubur lambuk at Masjid Jamek in Bandar Baru Uda on Sunday.

Shahrir said he had already informed his officers to pass the message to the relevant companies and that a “reasonable” deadline would be given.

“Those that have already announced their contests can finish them or they may be sued for misrepresentation, but must desist after that.

“Other companies should also not attempt to offer such prizes in future,” he said.

Shahrir pointed out that action could also be taken against the companies as petrol was under the list of controlled goods.

“We probably won’t take immediate action, as these companies probably were not doing it intentionally,” he said.

Rocky…. Shabery is just a “green horn”

16 07 2008

Bro Rocky,


this time sorry can’t agree with you on this “Shabery did quite well, I thought


Well if there was a by-election between Anwar and Shabery  today, AI is most likely to win 75-25.




  1. By the end of the debate, it was fairly clear that “green horn” cheek was meant to be “cannon-fodder”against an ex deputy PM and veteran debater,


  1. AI never fell into the trap of personal attacks,


  1. Overall AI came across as more in control of the minyak issue in relation to Malaysians with little concern about so-called external factors.


  1. Shabery references to TDM and AI’s 70s  past did not really contribute to the minyak debate at hand except to futher “bury”  Shabery


  1. Is it me or does AI simply look better visually on tv than Shabery?


  1. And where indeed did the RM 6 billion(?) from petronas will end up?



Will a car run on water?

14 06 2008

Have a nice week end friends. Do enjoy this… 😉

Blogging a growing craze among politicians

6 06 2008

By Anthony Joseph

It is no wonder blogs had significant impact in the last elections: Lee

MIRI: Blogging has becoming a craze among politicians in this country since the last general elections, for it has been found that it could make or break their election results. Read the rest of this entry »